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So, last week we talked about Taped Audition Tips (a follow-up to the Pre-Prereads column) and I asked y’all to write in with some suggestions about at-home set-ups for taping auditions. Still hoping some more of you will share your tips for setting up a great space at home, but ’til then, here are a few of the emails I’ve received on the topic.

Hi Bonnie.

That was really neat I made one of your columns! I’m getting ready to fly out to Georgia to go chase Bigfoot. My friend, a DP, is going to give me some tips on cheap stuff to buy and set up for good lighting and such. I’ll let you know what I come up with as far as a set-up goes. Right now it’s a mini-DV camera, a lamp, an overhead light, a white wall, a Mac, Final Cut, and Soundtrack Pro (to make sound better). Pretty standard Apple-geek set-up, hee hee. I’ll let you know the new get-up. Talk to you soon.

Shane Callahan

Awesome! Shane, have a blast chasing Bigfoot in Georgia. What a fun gig! Can’t wait to hear more about it and of course to hear tips from your DP friend. Thanks for following up! Have a great shoot.


Did you know that Josh Brolin was on the set of Grindhouse with Quentin Tarantino when he found out that the Coen brothers were casting No Country for Old Men? He took the initiative to tape his audition for the Coens with the million-dollar camera that Tarantino was using on set. Tarantino “directed” Brolin’s taped audition, and it was submitted to casting.

Brolin later joked to the press that the Coens’ first response to his audition tape was: “Who did the lighting? We really like the lighting.” Still, Brolin got the part. So the moral of the story is, if Josh Brolin is not above doing a Pre-Preread, then who the heck are we to turn our noses up at this new process?

Miki Yamashita

I had NOT heard that story and I LOVE it! Thank you, Miki. That’s hilarious and I think it’s awesome. Hee!

Morning Bon!

One of your readers asked about how to get the other character’s lines on the home audition tape. After recording my part of the scene, I figure out how many seconds I have to fit in the other lines between each of my own, record them with iMovie using the audio recorder, lower the pitch so it doesn’t sound like my voice, then cut and paste each line into the appropriate space. Works great!

Rock on,
Terri J. Freedman

Fabulous idea, Terri! Thank you for sharing. Seems like all of the folks doing this are rockin’ the Mac shop at home, huh? (Not that I’m biased… Mac owner since 1993. Heh heh.) Eager to hear what other set-ups are out there! Y’all know where to reach me. The email address is right below this sentence. 😉

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