Ninja Tips Are Paying Off for This Actor

Hi Bonnie!

How are you? So great meeting you at the SAG Conservatory SMFA talk a few months back! I learned more from your talk than any other session that entire weekend. No joke. Plus, you were hilarious. Hope pole dancing is treating you right these days! (Also, your parking tips — yellow zones! — are coming in VERY handy!)

You said some really awesome things about self-producing and looking for people that “tell the same kind of stories” that I want to tell. Totally resonated with me in a HUGE way.

So… I rounded up some friends; scouted some locations; bought a camera (!); and wrote, produced, acted, LEARNED to edit in Final Cut; and came out with this puppy: More Like a Dude.

So excited about it! It’s so much fun to do it all yourself. 🙂 My roommate and I have actually shot two more vids and have scripts for 12 more! We’re going carazaay. Good times.

Hope you enjoy. And THANK YOU so much for being such an amazing person and great resource for actors!

Dana Weddle

Dana, thank you for this email. I love hearing from actors who leave any of my talks inspired to go create their own work. This lines up quite nicely with this week’s tough topic on how creatives can protect themselves, doesn’t it? If we’re all just telling the stories we want to tell, it sort of solves itself!

I love that you’re kicking butt with your creative team and that you’re getting your work out there, feeling good about it, and having fun! I know you’re learning a lot too, which is great, and I’m excited to hear about the next dozen vids you make happen. Yay!

Thrilled to hear that after-hours loading zone parking is treating you well. Pole dancing is going great, thank you. Three classes a week and I’m still all bruised up, but dang it, I can fly! 🙂 Totally worth it. Glad self-producing has become your method of flying. Keep me posted on how it all goes for you.

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