Well hello, November. Aren’t you already an intense Scorpio season?!?


Yeah. I know. So, Mercury is still in its retrograde illusion. Mars is too. Also Neptune while we’re at it. A *lot* of planets are in Cardinal signs and that means leadership and taking action. And Scorpio is all about passion and intensity and getting to the bottom of things. November is a 6 month, so that’s domestic focus, repair, healing or breaking apart altogether… all under that hard work umbrella of the 4 year.

As usual, for our first pass, we’ll do big astro and then come back for the day-to-day focus.

Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, which is election day here in the States. Mercury is also squaring Saturn at this point, which means delays in communication and technology, with zero shenanigans being tolerated. Hoo, boy. It’s gonna be a loooooonnng few weeks before we know the results of this election, folks. In fact, this Mercury retrograde is one we’ve not had since… November of 2000, when we didn’t know the results of the presidential election ’til December 12th. Astrologers are looking toward the solar eclipse/new moon in Sagittarius on December 14th for resolution this time out. Hang in there.

On the 10th, Mercury moves back into Scorpio, which means communication gets even more intense, technology even more scrutinized, and passions even hotter as conspiracy theories abound. On the 12th, we have our third conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, representing loads of growth, expansion, self-improvement, and financial upliftment for the greater good. Yay!

Mars finally goes direct on the 13th and holy cats this one was a rough tour of retrograde Aries realness. We will start to feel our authentic motivation and fire for our lives return. Our ire will not be so easily turned inward and used against us. (Why would we DO this to ourselves?!? Mars retrograde in Aries. That’s why.)

We have a new moon in Scorpio on the 14th (15th for most places, actually). This is a great time to set intentions for clarity, depth, passion, intensity, and financial gain. You’re looking toward the next six months with these seeds you’ll be planting. Make it count!

When Mercury opposes Uranus on the 17th, we can expect surprises, technological innovations or disruptions, and of course all of the communications and travel Mercury rules being upended for good or for bad.

We shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius on November 21st, lessening the intensity a bit. Phew! We’ll feel a whoosh of wanderlust and desire for expansion and that Venus moving into Scorpio will drive our love into lust and our values into mission statements.

On the 27th, Venus opposes Uranus and just like 10 days before when this happened with Mercury, we can expect surprises, especially around how (and what) we love… and our values. Lots of disruption and unexpected turns of events in areas close to the heart.

Neptune goes direct on the 28th, bringing all of our big placements into regular orbit for a bit. Yay! Did you feel that collective exhale? Neptune is all about dreaminess and deception and theatre and illusion, so enjoy visions becoming clearer and creativity increasing exponentially.

Finally, our full moon in Gemini on November 30th is also a lunar eclipse. Release those who’ve ghosted you. Shed any fragmented ideas that linger. Let go of things you tried to start up under the Gemini new moon six months ago. Also note that Mercury sextiles Saturn at this time, which is an indicator of important information coming our way.

Okay, so now our second lap of November, looking for our best GSD days. GSD? Yes… when you can easiest get shit done. The 2nd is a great day for leading and multitasking with that 8 + Gemini moon energy. I love the 6th as we get later in the day… actually the 7th is even more energized for making magic happen, with the 8th fantastic for having FUN.

The 9th will be good for getting things healthy in the home, then the 11th will be great for leadership and teamwork. The 13th could actually be really good for starting things we’d like to see go deep, especially surrounding money and research. And I love the 15th for a whoosh of yummy energy that feels playful and adventurous, filled with potential manifestations we’ll enjoy.

There’s plenty to get done on the 16th, and on the 17th, we’re gonna enjoy the mix of work (Capricorn Moon), play (numerology 5), and intensity (Scorpio Sun). I like the 18th for working on the home (not just working around the house; actually working ON the house, more likely). The 20th is a glorious day to make things happen. Enjoy the spirited detached flow of the Aquarius moon and the power of the 8 that day as we say goodbye to the Scorpio sun.

Chill during that Pisces moon, y’all. Chill a lot. Soak. Dream. Play music. Escape. Rest up! Because on the 24th, Aries moon will ask us to get shit done to the extreme with some creative spark due to the 3 energy that day. The 25th should also be really productive! The 26th could be too, even though it’s US Thanksgiving that day. Lots of get-things-started energy turning into comfortable, well cared-for, stability by the end of the evening as we shift from Aries moon to Taurus.

I like the 29th for getting things moving, especially involving talking or writing or otherwise communicating with others effectively… and with leadership. High impact! (So of course I’m hosting a livestream that day!) Wrap things up on the 30th and don’t forget your new moon intention-setting! You’ve got this!

For those of you who are members of Aligned Advantage, we’ll be diving in on whether your chart helps or hurts you with your goal to be seen. There are placements in certain houses that make spotlights WAY brighter than others. So, those of us (yes, us… no shock I have my sun in the most public of houses) who naturally “get seen” don’t have the same struggle of those who have their sun in a basement house, a shadow house, a very private house. This doesn’t mean a public life is not possible; it means we have to goose up non-sun strengths. We’ll be doing that in our Aligned Advantage session. (Yes, there is still time to get in on that *and* score a free You in the Stars report as well.)

Here’s to a lovely November, everyone! Enjoy! And stay aligned!

All my love,

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