Request for Tips from Self-Producing Actors

Hey Bon,

I heard you about the self-producing thing. So I got a group of my talented friends together and we produced a short film that I’m proud of, a little thing that shows me the way I want to be seen.

We’re mostly done with the editing and sound and color correction stuff. It’ll be ready to go in the next couple weeks.

But… go where? Ready to go where? What do I with it when it’s done? I mean, sure there’s YouTube and Funny or Die on the Internet. Or there are film festivals, or making my own DVDs to sell… arrggghhh! It’s so overwhelmingly confusing.

Wisdom? Direction? Buehler? Buehler?


Awesome question! And in fact, it’s one I’d like to pose to those amazing self-producing actors who not only contributed to the threepart series on self-producing, but also those whose work has been featured here, weekly, in the months since.

What do you do with your self-produced goods, everyone? What are the online outlets you recommend? Which festivals are self-produced-content-friendly? What contests are worth entering? Are you also self-distributing? If not, how do you get your content in front of distributors interested in your material?

My focus on self-producing has been about the power in building a fanbase and giving everyone in the industry a clear understanding about your brand, making sure they know how to cast you, and eliminating as much risk as possible by showing them what you can do. But what if you do want to enter festivals, sell to distributors, get your content out there in a major way? What next?

Let me hear from you, good folks! Email address is below.

Also, a reminder that I’m collecting “daily techniques” tips for a future column. Got a few great ones so far — THANK YOU — and would just like another handful to round out the awesome suggestions I’ll share soon. Thank you, everyone, for helping to make this a truly interactive experience!

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