Hey gorgeous. It’s still Venus’ day over here, so everyone is gorgeous. 😉

I’m prepping for the New Moon in Aquarius (listen to my awesome chat with Natalie Miller on her Mind Witchery podcast for specifics). I’m feeling so much love for my phenomenal husband and our preciously curious puppy. And I’m in the creative cave building things that make me swoon.

Here’s an in-the-moment bit of glee I shared with many of you during a webinar a while back. And while sometimes we may chat about more difficult things, shed a few tears, even get fired up and angry about stuff while we do the enoughness workout together, almost always I find my way to glee when I’m sharing my toys with you! THANK YOU for that.

Thank you for letting me love on you with all my might!

Quick invitation, then I’m off the grid for a bit while I continue to build you things and play a game called “RUN! RUN! RUN!” with the puppy: I’m hosting a free webinar on Friday, January 27th at 11am PST. UPDATE: Watch the REPLAY here. Here’s a Saturn in Pisces 🪐🐠 Webinar Excerpt for you!

Head over here to watch the whole thing on-demand (be sure to grab your WORKBOOK)!

The topic: There’s a big-ass transit about to affect us all and I’ve got a simply glorious Chart Harmony work-along for us to be ready to not just weather this planetary shift but GET A LOT OUT OF IT. See, big ol’ cold Daddy Saturn is about to do a long-term rental at the Pisces Palace in *all* of our charts.

(We ALL have Pisces somewhere — usually in the LEAST structured part of our lives. Because… Pisces.)

Especially if that part of your chart involves, oh, I don’t know… money or your career or how you feel most stable or how you navigate your love life or how you feel the most vital/healthy or how you communicate with clarity… you’re gonna want to set up this cosmic Airbnb to make the most of Saturn’s stay.

Thanks to my Chart Harmony method, not only will we be able to do that (and have a LOT of fun while doing it — the whole point of Chart Harmony is to stop making complex systems so dang complex), we’ll also be able to get out ahead of some of the snags that come with Saturn making a shift like this after so many years of getting to do whatever the heck he wants to do!

Yep… Saturn has been (since late 2017) exclusively in signs HE RULES. To use the Airbnb metaphor, that means he hasn’t had to arrange to pick up the key, get a list of house rules, or ask where anything is. For more than 5 years straight.

And doesn’t it FEEL like the planet astrologers call “The Greater Malefic” (AKA the biggest bad guy) has had free rein somewhere in all of our lives for that long?

Well… as he moves into Pisces, he’s no longer his own landlord. And adjustments can be… difficult. Expect friction and complaints and some general lack-of-pleasantness in a very specific part of your chart, come March 2023.

OR… sign up for my free webinar and let me coach you through some ACTUALLY FUN little things we can do to get ready for the energy shift *and* the years that follow. Y’know, so the chaos in the Pisces part of our lives actually gets all nice and organized while Saturn’s hanging out there ’til like 2026-ish.

The power of the woo working WITH YOU is something so beautiful… you’ll be astounded how much more EASE your life invites in, with my Chart Harmony method. 🙂 No need to understand astrology AT ALL to get a lot out of this webinar. Just openness and a creative worldview. That’s it!

Clean Up Your Chaos webinar with Bonnie Gillespie

If you click that image, it’ll take you to the on-demand webinar replay menu at Teachable (check out all sorts of cool offers there). I hope I’ll be “seeing” you at the webinar!

’til then, if you have any questions, comment below and we’ll get you sorted.

That’s it for this hot Friday night in Santa Monica! I hope you’re living your dreams and remembering to have fun along the way. Because if it’s not fun ON THE WAY, it’s not gonna suddenly GET FUN once we get there (that’s called the arrival fallacy, BTW).

I believe in you. You’ve got this. And when you’ve NOT got this… baby, I’ve gotchuu!

So much love flowing your way,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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