This week’s Your Turn features more great feedback from Just Get Better and 100% Accountability. Read on! And thanks, everyone. I love hearing from you!

First email:

I know you are gonna get a ton of emails saying that the person who sent this email is wrong wrong wrong, but I just had to chime in with my two cents on this article.

First and foremost thank you for being a living example that actors don’t spend enough time researching. If said actor had researched even three of your archived columns he would know just how wrong the idea of you not being supportive is. Funny how that works out.

In regards to getting better, it’s true. I consider this career a rollercoaster where there are weeks of up and weeks of down when it feels like I am never gonna get another job. Having ridden this coaster for a while, I gotta say now that I know when it is down that it is gonna go up again, at some point. What a perfect time to just work on my craft! We all need to do it.

And lastly, I had found myself in that negative space, where I needed to kind of re-boot and figure out what it was that was holding me back. And after asking for a little bit of help, I found out in my business there was one little thing I could be doing that I wasn’t. So I did it. And you’ll never guess what happened immediately. Got the audition. Funny how that works huh?

Sometimes we think we know it all, and have tried everything. And I read your columns weekly, and would say that 70 percent of the time I am already doing what you are talking about or know about it. But considering that this industry is always changing — something even the newest actor out there hears within the first year of being here — it is part of my job to consistently keep listening. Because if all I need is to tweak one little thing — and the bookings flourish — then it was well worth it.

Plus, when it’s slow, what the hell else are you gonna do? Work?

Thanks for all you do.

Kurt Ela

Second email:

Dear Bonnie,

Hello, my name is Danielle Cloutier, and I am an actress and writer, making my way along in Los Angeles. I’ve heard great things about you from my friends, Michelle Ehrman and Alex Collins, and I chose to add you on Twitter to keep up with what you’ve got to say! 🙂

I just read your recent response column (“100% Accountability”), and I think you’ve made some excellent points!! It’s my belief that life in this town can be made much easier by striving to have the best attitude possible, and that includes being accountable and irrepressible when it comes to continuing to push forward with your career, whether it be from choosing to take on a new character in class, attending workshops, marketing — whatever you have the means to do that works for you.

A while back, I came across this post on another site, and I thought you might be interested in reading it. My longtime acting coach, Adam Wilhite at Dynamic Imagery Studios, always urges and supports us to remember that we only have control over what is ours to do, so the idea is to do the very best at what is ours to do and worry less about the rest of the process. Focus on pushing through our limitations as actors and rising to the next level of craft and accountability is key!! I love to see other like-minded folks in Hollywood — seems like it makes the town a little smaller and a little friendlier!

Again, thank you so much for writing such a great article, and for your time!

Danielle Cloutier

Third email:

Hi Bonnie,

Last week, I stumbled upon your column “Just Get Better” and have since read “100% Accountability.” They are exactly what I have been saying to myself lately. I have been in the business for a while now and my career has gone through various phases — some much better than others. When I look back at the times when work has been slow it has always been because I’ve been unfocused and not performing at the level I’ve needed to in order to get the job. As a great teacher I study with constantly says: “You have to be so good they can’t afford not to hire you.” I have a great passion for the theatre and the craft of acting and I know that as an artist I am always working on ways to grow and improve.

Also, what you said in your most recent article: “We’re storytellers and my goal is to help that process along.” It was very cool to read that because I feel that as an actor that is my job too — help tell the story — and it reminded me that we are all a part of the same creative team.

Reading your articles has totally exhilarated me! Accountability is empowering. It means that what happens to me in my career is in my hands. Maybe not all of it but the part I can do something about and most importantly the part that I care most about — my passion for acting and the amazing challenge — that, yes, I can get better.

So thank you so SO much! You truly are The Actors Voice. I am looking forward to reading more of your articles.

JC Brandy

Fourth email:

Dear Bonnie,

I have been reading your column for months. I owe you a huge thanks!!

Over the last year, the theme of my life has been “Be Prepared!” So, I crunched down and started practicing daily techniques. Almost immediately, I noticed the difference in the number of auditions I am getting, the level of auditions I am called in for, and the graduation of casting directors’, producers’, and directors’ comments from, “she’s talented,” to, “she’s professional.” Since I have been getting extremely disciplined, I’ve noticed how prepared I am for the times when casting directors say, “Drop the script. We are going to improv in character.” Preparation and discipline prepare you for things you cannot prepare for!

Unfortunately, not all actors understand that when we commit to being a professional, we make a choice to disrespect ALL things that sway us from being disciplined in our field! I am loving harvesting in this land of discipline.

Also, the best thing about discipline and preparation is that they allow you to release into greatness. I don’t know where my future will lead me, but I know that my hard work can only lead to greatness.

Thank you for the weekly reminder that discipline is a necessity. Thanks for doing something great!

Mavis Martin

Fifth email:

Hi Bonnie,

I found you on the web this morning through Bob Souer’s blog.

Just Get Better” led me to your article about finding an agent, “Ready, Fire, Aim,” which put me light years ahead in the process. When that day comes. When I have done all my research!

In the article you said: “Sadly, I worry that many readers will be sent to this very page by way of archive link, months or years after this column originally ran.” I just wanted you to know the archive links are working, and have put me on the right track!

My thanks,
Jane Ingalls

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