Thank You for Confirming the Right Time To Move

Hey, y’know what? This week’s column was really long. And controversial. And it took two days to write. I’m not kidding. So this week’s Your Turn is going to be a thank you note from a previous Your Turn and that’s gonna have to be just fine with everyone, okay? Yes. I’m punchy. It’s late. And I’m over looking at my computer all holiday weekend. 🙂

I just wanted to say thank you for your answer this week in the Your Turn question to the guy in Chicago wondering when is the right time to move. Your main answer is, “it just feels right.” I know there are few roles for me in Atlanta. Even though we are booming, I rarely fit the breakdown. And I have been told by LA teachers that I’m LA ready (talent-wise, not resumé-wise, though I am SAG-eligible). But I can’t shake the feeling that it just isn’t the right time to go. I feel big things for Atlanta and am making my contacts and connections now so I am in a position to be big when the opportunities do come.

Additionally, I just made a move to a new agency. There were a few different reasons, but overall it came down to, “it just felt right.” I couldn’t explain it; it was just something I had to do. While my old agency was upset to lose me and, at the same time, very gracious about it, I don’t think they fully understood my “it just felt right” belief. I just moved agencies last month and yesterday was brought in for an audition for Drop Dead Diva. The CD only brought in one or two from each of three agencies. I know that I would not have gotten that audition were I still with my old agency. I don’t yet know if I’m going to book it, but I do know that I was the only one of us ladies who got an “excellent” and a “perfect” from the director. So, needless to say, my “it just felt right” decision paid off.

So thank you for confirming it for me.

Jessica Smith

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