Void Moon Alert ❌🌙⚠ The Moon has a lot of business to do in the ~2.5 days it’s in each sign. So many aspects! Very busy.

And sometimes, it gets all its business done with time to spare before it arrives to the next constellation we’ve labeled a sign of the zodiac.

moon void of course
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When its aspect checklist is finished early, its status is void (or void-of-course). All this means is that the Moon is in float time, chilling out without a to-do-list, reminding us that float time is good for us too.

Void Moons can last a few minutes, a few hours, or even a full day! When the Moon is void, stuff just seems not to matter all that much. Life gets quiet. Planned activities have far-lower-than-anticipated attendance. Things go unnoticed. We no-show because we forgot we had a date.

Chart Harmony with the Moon Void-of-Course

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Void Moons got popular in the ’80s when Nancy Reagan’s astrologer (Joan Quigley) famously advised timing that would be advantageous for dropping big news. Like, President Ronnie could say, “We’ve just invaded another country and the economy is about to fall,” and the headlines would be about how great he looks, how presidential he is.


Void Moons… great for sliding by like The Teflon President. Not great for getting folks’ attention when you WANT them to notice you.


So… we have a big-ass void moon today. Perfect for the pace that Moon’s day (Monday) is best at creating anyway. Moon’s day is perfect for NOT peopling. For reflecting and refilling. For eating comfort food, taking a nap, reading a book, getting a massage, soaking in the tub. Yummy stuff like that.

What will you do today to create Chart Harmony? It’s float time!


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