Saturn’s Day. 🪐 Saturday.

A day of staying off screens.
Being quiet.
Honoring stillness.
Building structure.

Today I did the skeletal design work of what will be the Chart Harmony Challenge. Not sure I’ll call it a challenge… I kind of want to steer clear of anything that activates the competitive, results-oriented, hustle-culture brain.

But if you recall my hugely popular 11-day challenge for actors, Get In Gear, you know I can motivate even the slothiest of hibernating turtles (how do you like THAT combo of animal images?!?) so we’ll call this a challenge for now. BNTC (Better name to come.) 🎨

Anyway, I’m now deciding if this tour through planetary remediation and balance for your natal chart using my simple remedies will be delivered via email, text message, or Teachable course pages (like much of my other goodies as The Astrologer’s Daughter).

I’m thinking Daily Do’s that are easy and even fun, varying from pragmatic-woo to #WitchyShit and from basic for the woo-curious to a bit more advanced (but never overwhelming). 🌱

foods to eat
music to play
colors to wear
essential oils to use
candles to burn
crystals to connect with
workouts to do
activities to engage in
and so on…

Nothing massive… just rituals that help balance the planetary energies that are trying to show up in our lives in meaningful ways (but have to get loud when we don’t create space for them). 🧘‍♀️

I’m excited about this! Lemmeknow if you are too! And also, what did you do in honor of Saturn today? 🗝 The structure and silence of Saturn’s day doesn’t have to be boring! It can be incredibly creative as we say no to screens, no to socializing, no to big expressive experiences… Saturn loves boundaries. Saturn loves shoulds. Saturn LOVES a NO.

So I did all this cool building while wearing black, sipping a tea I made from my adaptogens and elixirs, with no music or TV on, no gadgets or distractions. Just silence and structure and all Saturn’s help along the way.

Want more of this Chart Harmony goodness? I guide you through putting together your very own Chart Harmony experience here, for just $22. Enjoy this on-demand mini-course and let me know how it goes for you, as you continue to get more of the planetary brilliance working for you (instead of struggling as you work against what’s in the stars).

All my love,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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