I shared (in my stories at the Chart Harmony Instagram account) this post about the shift created by today’s Sun-Neptune conjunction (followed next month by the even more mystical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction) and received this request in the DMs from one of my glorious clients.

neptune shift
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DM about Neptune shift
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Of course, I’m happy to discuss!

Whenever I get spooked about shifts, I remind myself that the universe is Mutable. We are ALL made up of constantly-moving, ever-evolving, non-stop-shifting particles and that means even the most Fixed among us is also Mutable.

This Neptune shift especially could be challenging for those with low Water, or with Pisces in a Dark House (2nd, 6th, 8th, 12th). That’s because Neptune is not only “the actor planet” — filled with all the creativity and brilliance of other worlds, magic, and our past and future incarnations — it is also the liar. The great deceiver. The escapist convincing us something is real when it isn’t.

So if we’re low on Water or have a chart with Dark House Pisces, we might presume the Neptune influences having their way with us are nefarious. Because they feel foreign. And we may feel manipulated.

My glorious creatives, of course, and Water babies, may feel this Neptune activity like a wave in the ocean, picking up our bodies and whooshing us off to another place, instantly. We feel buoyed and held and placed magically back down in a whole new world. How cool!

If that seems not cool AT ALL to you, ask yourself whether you could invite in a little more shifting… slowly growing, like fingernails. Nothing abrupt or disconcerting. Just easy, cellular movement. Not felt as it’s happening but noticed later, from a place of appreciation.

Breathe. Allow. When you feel the resistance, thank yourself for being protective of your KNOWN self. Then remind that protective instinct that your UNKNOWN self is equally beautiful. And that you look forward to getting to know her TOGETHER.

With ease.

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