You may have noticed (or remember my mention) that I’ve ghosted my mailing list.

Weekly emails since 2011 (weekly columns since 1999, if we wanna stretch way back), and then in the summer of 2021, poof. I went dark.

Here’s why:

I moved into the first of two back-to-back Saturn-ruled years.

I'm sorry, what now?!?
I’m sorry, what now?!?

Yeah, I know.

It’s a woo thing. But it’s such a freakin’ spot-on OMG-I-can-look-back-at-my-life-for-DECADES-now-and-see-this-playing-out pattern that I have to share it.

And I’m gonna, on Saturday March 19th, at 11am PDT. ON-DEMAND FREE REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE.

During this fabulous free, live training, I’m going to show you how to use your astrological chart to plot out on a calendar EXACTLY what sort of energy you’re shifting into with each birthday… and how to find the medicine for that experience, also right in your chart.


It’s like a secret decoder ring for our rhythms and cycles and shifts in PERSONALITY that we never can really make sense of. The planets have already made sense of them. This is a powerful, ancient timing technique recently recovered by researchers who have unearthed astrological texts from more than 2000 years ago, when this method was used to create timelines for building things, moving, growing the family, going to war… you name it!

Of course, you know me, I’m gonna keep it simple. I’m gonna keep it fun. 😉 I’m gonna guide you through your own map to this information so you can leave this free training empowered and ready to plan some big moves in your life (and to create more understanding about past experiences, while we’re at it). Yay!


I hope you’ll join me for this free, live experience. 🙂 We’ll definitely have time for live Q&A! Hopefully, I’ll get some volunteers for walk-thrus of Chart Harmony (how to invite more balance and ease into your life every day, with simple rituals). That’s always so much fun!

Yes, there will be a replay but only if you register.

Go right ahead and grab your spot HERE.

I will be sending out the workbook for this webinar the day before we meet up, so you’ll have my walk-through of how to render your chart (free) and prep for our time together. Even if you’re “baby woo” and not really sure what this whole astrology, numerology, Bonnieology stuff is anyway, I’ve gotchuu covered. 😉 No overwhelm. Just some fun, creative time together!

In the meantime, how does MY being in a Saturn-ruled stage of life impact you? Well, you’re witnessing it. In addition to doing less social media, pretty much never livestreaming, and definitely sending very few emails anymore, I’ve stripped WAY down in my life and in my business. Closed the online store. Turned many of my YouTube videos private. Switched hundreds of old blog posts to draft form. Said no… a lot. Pruning, pruning, pruning. Decluttering.

Minimizing. Meanwhile, I’m hiring folks into my business to help with this transition stage, so that we’re beautifully equipped at the STRUCTURAL level (Saturn loves that) for the Jupiter-ruled expansion that will explode like ALL the gravity (seriously, watch this — try NOT to laugh out loud by the end) in my life starting the summer of 2023.

Planetary Gravity
Consider your CHART RULER (the planet that rules your Rising sign AKA Ascendant) and its PULL on your life…
🐏&🦂 Aries & Scorpio Rising = Mars
🐂&⚖️ Taurus & Libra Rising = Venus (similar gravity to Earth)
👯‍♀️&🧘‍♀️ Gemini & Virgo Rising = Mercury (similar gravity to the Moon)
🦀 Cancer Rising = the Moon
🦁 Leo Rising = the Sun
🏹&🐠 Sagittarius & Pisces Rising = Jupiter
🐐&🧚 Capricorn & Aquarius Rising = Saturn

Wouldn’t you love to know exactly when similar energy is going to be all over your life? Preparing for it is such a next-level move. I’m SO excited to share this with you!

One more time: Here’s the link to register (yep, it’s LIVE and it’s FREE). We’ll meet on Zoom Webinar at 11am PDT Saturday (you won’t be on camera; it’s a webinar… just me). Make sure you check your spam/junk/promo/wherever after you register, because Zoom will send you your unique link for the webinar right away.

Tell your friends. Let’s make it a party! Our work as artists involves being able to enjoy the freedom of FLOW and that includes having more ease around our time, how we spend it, and breaking through some of the blocks that are just clutter from old beliefs and old stories.

I’m sending you so much love.

Hope to “see” you next Saturday!

All my love,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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