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bonnie gillespie hacienda tgiving 2016
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I’m Bonnie Gillespie, Emmy-honored casting director, author of Self-Management for Actors (#CreatingTheHollywoodWeWant), and creator of Chart Harmony.

Steve Silverman pulled this photo of me from Thanksgiving 2016 to use with his brilliant World Gone Good podcast (seriously, go listen to my numerology episode from that life-changing new moon Wednesday) and the luminous Jessica Kay Park hit me with a nostalgia springboard in the DMs.

jessica kay park dms re bonnie gillespie photo
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As I continue the creative cave work of building this Chart Harmony world (your daily calendar meets Highlights Magazine meets Garanimals meets Fashion Plates meets all the woo meets something the hubs is teaching me about DND or somesuch), I’m healing my inner child, finding markers of this work from early (and sustained) sobriety, and LOVING both the connection with the spirit of my beloved mother *and* the dear clients who are giving the remedies a test-drive.

SERIOUSLY some of the best coaching sessions of my life recently, filled with happy tears for all the growth and EASE that comes from having more balance and sovereignty in the energy of our lives.

I have a Libra stellium and a Cancer stellium, contributing beautifully to my 15 natal squares! I’m in my 1st of 2 Saturn-ruled years (I’ll be doing a free webinar on March 19th to help you figure out who’s ruling your year and what it all means) and since there’s no Saturn rule in my natal chart, I’m LOVING the clarity it’s providing.

Toss in the fact that my progressed moon is in an ECLIPSE year *and* I’m ending my Chiron return + years of Pluto opposing alllllll my Cancer placements soon, and, well… yeah. Even if you knew me, you probably don’t, now.

Happy Sun’s day, everyone. I’ll be testing out more goodies on the Chart Harmony Instagram profile soon. FEEDBACK IS TREASURED.

Ah… won’t it be fun when you’re able to say you were a part of THIS empire-building from the beginning?

So much love from this Venus-ruled moonbaby,

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