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aries paint by number

At 1:43pm PDT Sunday the 14th, we’ll loop back around to the top of the zodiac with our fiery Aries Moon. Get ready to feel more headstrong, impulsive, passionate, curious, and ready-for-action.

Aries Moon is a great time to GSD (get shit done) and INITIATE things! Not so great for getting stuff across the finish line or done perfectly (of course, perfection is overrated). 😉

To honor our Aries Moon:

~ wear red
~ do cardio
~ get a head massage, vigorous shampoo, or exfoliating facial
~ propose a new beginning, make an offer, start something
~ eat spicy foods

As always, BONUS POINTS for noticing which HOUSE is the headquarters for Aries in your chart. This is where you’ll feel fired up for action, so get ready to go-go-go!

Chart Harmony with the Moon in Aries

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Have fun, y’all… and stay safe. The woo of the world is a LAWT right now. XO

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