This is gonna be a quickie. It’s super basic, but big.

There comes a point at which our habits become our identity.

Meaning, we do certain things so much, habitually, that we go from being that person who does that thing to being a that-thing-do-er.

Easy examples:

We start with a meatless Monday and over time we decide to eat plant-based all but one day per week. Then over a bit more time, we’ve changed enough habits and continue choosing the plant-based life so much that people describe us as their vegan friend.

We start with a goal to do a couch-to-5K. So that means we’re doing some things that involve increasing our physical activity incrementally. We’re adding walking and then jogging and then running to our lives. And we love how we feel when we do 5Ks so much that we start doing more of them. And then we’re described as runners.

And in case you think this only goes in the positive direction, it’s actually way more common (and icky) in the negative. We start by worrying about a little thing. It’s under our skin. We can’t put it away. Our brains go on loop about it and eventually that’s not the only thing we worry about. We are now worriers.


I chose sobriety one morning in Manhattan in 2016. I continue choosing sobriety and I’m described as a sober woman now. I started answering questions from actors online in 1999 and for more than two decades now I am the go-to for acting-business-mindset questions.

What about you?

What choices of yours are so habituated that they are your identity? I’d love to know! Comments are open just below. Also, if you have a goal to be labeled differently someday, what changes can you begin to make TODAY in your habits… changes that *will* make that shift possible?

Let’s jam about this on a livestream on Tuesday! Join in the fun LIVE (at Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope and/or Twitter). Take your pick of platforms and hop on at 12pm PST Tuesday! Woo HOO!

Before I sign off, I want to be sure you check out filmmaker Jenn Page’s new podcast, Intuitive Filmmaker. I had the honor of being her first guest and we talked all things casting, mind-body healing, and enoughness. YES, they are all connected, m’dear! Rate, review, subscribe and support this wonderful new venture!

All my love,

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