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This month, in support of our deep dive on Your Relationship with Desire, we’re going to look at your chart ruler.

Yep, there’s a planet that’s “in charge” in many ways. Knowing which planet that is — and what that planet is known for desiring — can go a long way in helping us understand the root of many of our desires.

Neat, huh?

Grab your chart, as rendered in the Free Horoscopes/Natal Chart, Ascendant menu item at Astro.com (I have a walk-thru on how to do that in this PDF).

As usual, I offer up my chart as an example for where to look for things on your own chart. Here goes:

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
Click to enbiggen.

We’re looking for the letters AC out on the edge of the chartwheel that would match where the 9 is on an analogue clock. You can also see the letters AC in the far-left table filled with all the glyphs and numbers. Finally, AC is also at the very bottom of the staircase table as well.

It’s all telling you the same thing: The sign of your Ascendant. AC. Sometimes ASC. AKA your Rising! 🙂

This is literally the point of the horizon from which the sun would rise on the day of your birth. This is why we need the exact time and place of your birth. (Well, it’s one of the reasons we need that.)

So, each sign is ruled by a different planet.

Cafe Astrology Traditional Rulership Map

Click through on that for the Café Astrology planetary rulership map (traditional; yes, there is a modernized version, but there are some very compelling reasons to stick with traditional rulers… so we will).

Using the sign you identified as your Rising (remember, you’re looking for AC on the chartwheel or in the tables), look at the rulership map to determine which planet is associated with your Rising sign. For me — Libra Rising — that’d be Venus!

Congratulations! You’ve identified my chart ruler! 🙂 And now yours, right?

So, what does our chart ruler have to do with how we navigate life? A LOT. In our Aligned Advantage membership over the next few months, we’ll be digging in on the condition of your ruling planet (is it exalted or in domicile? In detriment or in fall? Can it SEE your 1st house, therefore doing a good job of keeping an eye on things there? Is it on your chart’s “team”? Is it a benefic? A malefic? And if it is either of those, is it in its greatest power or in a weakened state?)

Heading back to my awesome PDF (from my FREE series “What Your Birthday Says About You”), I want you to scroll to the section about the planets and get the general idea about your ruling planet. What’s its primary focus?

Just knowing that THIS is the color of the lenses in your sunglasses should open up some really interesting thoughts about your needs, wants, and desires.

As a Libra, my ruling planet is Venus, and that means if it’s not lining up with my values, the things I value, beauty, how I see beauty in the world, or LOVE in all forms, I’m not into it. Sure, I’ll pay that parking ticket because I have to… but as for what I DESIRE? It’s all inextricably tied to my values and my heart and soul.

Now you!

Share in the comments of this month’s deep-dive in the dojo where it is that your desires come from, at least in the planetary sense. 😉 We’ll of course unpack the more pragmatic part of the things you crave in this month’s Zoom. Have you registered for that Zoom yet? Please take care of that little detail because *I* desire spending time with you on the 25th, and of course I’m always filled with glee for the way our discussion elevates this work beyond all expectations.

Sending you so much love,

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