2009 in Photos

One of the best parts about doing 12 of 12 is the year-end wrap-up it provides! Thanks again, Chad, for a lovely project allowing us to look back on how filled with gifts the year truly was.

January: Working out, working out, working out.

February: Class Rules!

March: Another pre-class Team Cricket Feet meeting at Gloria’s.

April: Our last Cricket Feet Showcase.

May: Ten pounds away from goal weight! Yay, Wii Fit! Yay, Bon!

June: Quinn learns the power of production with The Quinn Show.

July: ¡Mi familia! Celebrating my birthday at Boardwalk 11.

August: “Ensemble cast from heaven,” in two editions of Variety. Another Harvest Moon is a casting dream come true.

September: AnnaVo and I have played The Prosperity Game daily since September 5th. As of December 18th, we’ve spent $5,565,000 each. I love this game.

October: Keith’s hoya has taught me PATIENCE, and I celebrate that on our seventh nonaversary.

November: Promo posts for my Australian Institute for Performing Arts‘ sponsored trip to Sydney.

December: Spent a lot of time with my WriteGirl mentee Alejandra this year.

Another amazing year! More year-end reviews to come. 🙂 Ah… love the reflecting. So many lessons, so many discoveries, so much love!

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