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I have some piercings and a small diamond stud on the side of my nose. Should I remove these for an audition?

Ah, my answer to this is the ever-popular, “it depends.” Is this audition one for which you submitted a photo in which your piercings show? If so, then definitely show up as they’re expecting you to show up: the way you looked in your headshot.

If, on the other hand, your photo was taken without your stud in, you may want to remove it — depending of course on the role itself. If the character would have a piercing, then go for it. If the character is more conservative, perhaps you should attend the audition in a more conservative tone yourself.

What if it’s an open call and you’re going in having never presented a photograph to the auditor? In that case, I would do the following: defer to the character. If you’re reading for a role in which piercings are appropriate, you’re all set. Otherwise, take ’em out. And if this audition is really a “general” and not for a specific role, your goal is to be as YOU as possible. Do what makes you comfortable, as that’s what will make it possible to do your best.

Of course, agents and casting directors have an imagination and can visualize you without the stud in your nose, but why make it harder for them to see you in a particular role by giving them an obstacle? Certainly, I am not recommending that actors show up for auditions in costume or anything. It’s always better to simply suggest the tone of the role in your choice of dress and style. Same goes for jewelry… wherever you wear it!

Good luck! And let us know how it goes for you!

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