Our New Moon in Capricorn is almost here! While the Moon is considered in detriment while in Capricorn, we’re gonna focus here on the New Moon part of the situation.

(Okay, I’ll *quickly* mention that detriment is one of the terms used to describe essential dignity, which basically means how well-resourced any particular planet or luminary is, when in any particular sign. The Chart Harmony way to say what’s happening when the Moon is in Capricorn is: The Moon is way more sensitive than Capricorn will let her be. It’s difficult for her to access her emotional body, her intuition, her nurturing superpowers when she’s in Capricorn’s space. The ol’ seagoat says, “There’s work to get done, here! Stop feeling things!”)

Now. Let’s get into it!

Chart Harmony with the New Moon

Each sign has a powerful/positive expression and a lower/lesser expression. A light side and a shadow side, let’s say. Under the New Moon, we always plant seeds (set intentions) for what we hope will grow using the power of that particular Moon’s vibe. We look specifically at the sign of the New Moon (Hint: It’ll be the same sign as the Sun!) and consider the best parts of that sign. What’s it great at? How is its brilliance most expressed? What are the more aspirational components of that sign? Let’s set intentions around that!

We’re simply inviting IN the gifts the New Moon is helping us access. In the case of Capricorn, that’s the ability to put in the work. Roll up those sleeves. Physically get the damn thing done. Take a good look at the systems in place set up to help us succeed and then climb, baby, climb!

You can write up a list, create a sigil, create ceremony around this intention-setting process… and you can do it any time the Moon is IN the sign of the New Moon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, some folks will say WAIT until after the exact moment of the New Moon so there’s a sliver a light to plant by, and that’s totally fine too. But let’s not get too precious about all this. The Moon is all about intuition and gut instincts and that beautiful KNOWING we all have in us somewhere. When we get too rules-y about it, we pretty much remove the Moon magic from the Moon ritual, right?

Since the Full Moon that goes with this New Moon is its opposite sign, the flip of this is true as well. Meaning: Our Full Moon in 2 weeks will be in Cancer (Capricorn’s opposite sign). AND our New Moon/Full Moon pairing in 6 months will be a Cancer New Moon with a Capricorn Full Moon. Because of that timing, intentions you set/seeds you plant/goals you set today under the Capricorn New Moon are likely to be ready for harvest under the Capricorn Full Moon 6 months from now. Consider that when you’re choosing how “big” the goals are.

I jot my New Moon intentions in my journal. I’m very low-woo/low-#WitchyShit when it comes to my New Moon intentions (mainly because we get 13 of them a year and that’s a LOT of reps of this ritual; I like to keep it simple and doable no matter what else I’ve got going on). If you’ve got a lovely lunar altar, or if you set a new altar every lunar cycle, put your list in a place of honor. Burn it if that goes with your vibe. Engrave the sigil into a candle you’ll light about it (or place a candle on top of a piece of paper on which you’ve drawn the sigil). Do something specific to honor the planetary ruler of the sign this New Moon is happening in (in this case, Saturn).

If you’re getting the sense that there’s no ONE way to do this, good job! That’s exactly right. As with all things Chart Harmony, your intention means far more than your precision!

Remember to take a look at the HOUSE this New Moon lands in (that’s wherever Capricorn is in your natal chart — ideally you’ll use the Whole Sign House System so it’s one sign in one house; way easier to manage).

Not sure which house that would be, in your birth chart? Hop in on my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! I’ve gotchuu! And if you’d like to join my free community for having these discussions regularly, our Discord is here. Yay!

BONUS: Were you born under a New Moon? (You can find out using Astro-Seek’s calculator.) Being born under a New Moon can give your personality an instinctual, spontaneous, eager, creative, curious vibe. You’re focused on the NOW, as that’s all there is.

BONUS-BONUS: If you’re in a New Moon phase by 2ndary progression, it’s a new beginning, baby! You’re feeling optimistic and READY. Let’s DO this!

Pop in the comments below what the New Moon phase means to you. I’d love to get to know you better through la luna. 🌙

So much love flowing your way!

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