This was SO MUCH FUN!


At one point, our host cracked up over HOW EXCITED I was to geek out about aaaaallllllll those actors’ “big 3” (Sun-Moon-Rising, or #SMR if you’re kickin’ it The ‘Strology style [my amazing teacher, the legendary Kirah Tabourn]) and what that means about their setpoint for the characters they play, the way they approach their business, and of course their self-care!!!

astrology the big 3 life-car bonnie gillespie on clubhouse march 16 2021


Seriously had a blast and I’m excited to get to go deeper with a few of you who are joining our Aligned Advantage membership this month or doing 1:1 sessions with me.


I’m loving this Bonnie Gillespie brand evolution… and bringing my childhood glee of learning alongside my astrologer mother right here and now to the woo-curious among the Self-Management for Actors population is pure delight! 💕 Thank you, Tenaya, for a great time on Clubhouse today.


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