Over at our lovely Chart Harmony Discord server, I was asked to share the difference between the Chart Harmony Calendar and the Aligned Hustle Calendar, each available for annual subscription here.

Here’s what I came up with, SIMPLY. 😉

Chart Harmony Calendar + mini course from Bonnie Gillespie

The Chart Harmony Calendar shows you a color-coding of each day of the month ahead and provides a one-sheet overview of the vibe of the month, offering some suggestions for how best to use the energy. The subscription ALSO comes with access to the Chart Harmony mini-course, if you want to really understand how the colors come together and all sorts of activities you can do to align with them.

Bonnie Gillespie's Aligned Hustle Calendar Promo

The Aligned Hustle Calendar does NOT provide color-coding. It instead shows a lot of the “math” behind the color-coded checkmarks the Chart Harmony Calendar displays. The Aligned Hustle Calendar isn’t an overwhelming amount of astrological info, just a few key transits, the numerology of each day, and the time/day the Moon moves into each sign. Everything has a quick logline to sum up the energy of those woo shifts. There are also 5 MP3s that detail how best to use each of the components of this monthly calendar.


I like to say the Chart Harmony Calendar is for you if you trust me. 😉 You see me show you that X day is PURPLE and you hear me say that a good purple-day activity is to use lavender essential oil or have champagne with brunch and that helps you feel connected to the purple vibe you agree you need in your life.

The Aligned Hustle Calendar is for you if you really like seeing behind the curtain on why things are the way they are. I’m not going to come to conclusions for you, with this one. I’m just dispassionately presenting the information and you’re making your decisions about what to do from there.

The Aligned Hustle Calendar is the one we go through together each month in the Live Your Chart membership. My Guided Chart Harmony mentorship clients get the updated Chart Harmony Calendar each month when we meet up.

Does that help? 😉

Much love,

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