Blood Type

Now that Dawn and I are up to two Krav Maga sessions per week, and I’m a week into the Blood Type Diet, things are really starting to feel “right”. I’m still sore after a hard workout, but it’s such a good feeling. Mom asked how my hands looked these days – well, of course, they’re taking on the look of non-hand-model hands. I guess that’s okay, though. I hadn’t been getting a lot of work in that arena lately anyway.

I wasn’t aware that D’Adamo had such loud critics until I spent an insomniac night online. Still, this Blood Type Diet is amazing. I remember trying it for a month in 1998 and getting physically ill when I ate a large number of “poison” foods in one meal. I was shocked that my body had become that accustomed to my “medicine” foods. Shortly after that experience, I joined Jenny Craig, so I didn’t stick it out. This time, I’ve actually bought a blender, a cooking pot, a chopping block, and a can opener, so that I can COOK. The recipes in his new book range from simple to complex, but they’re all yummy (so far). What I’ve done is attempt the easiest recipes first, to build my confidence in the kitchen. I feel SO good eating “on type” that I’m eager to press on.

So far, I’ve made: silken tofu smoothies, olive oil mayo, cold grilled chicken salad, sesame garlic chicken, apple grape smoothies, and cucumber yogurt soup. I am SO proud! And since all of this food acts as medicine in my system, my energy is very high. I am punching harder and with more passion. I am needing less sleep. And, with the exception of the emotional effects of my recent break-in (see News page), I am in a great place, emotionally. I miss potatoes and tomatoes like crazy — and I know I’ll have to sneak a shrimp, a crab leg, a cashew or two in there from time to time — but I think it’s worth it. You know I don’t miss cheese at all! The coolest thing about this, is I’m not to have olives or cheese, and I hate both — so that’s my own body telling me what’s best for it, before I even asked. No milk – just soy milk. Fine! I’d already changed over anyway (thanks, Dawn).

Well, I guess that’s all for journals today… there’s more to say, but I’m feeling that this is enough for the moment.

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