Recovering from the Oscar Party, but otherwise still sticking to the “type” foods and Krav Maga. I’d like to add in Pilates classes at the KM Center, but that’s an extra $10 a month — so I’ll wait until I’ve gone to Hotlanta and come back, then add it on.
I’m feeling bad about my body right now b/c I guess I’d hoped I’d be much thinner when I got to see may family again. I really believed that I’d have not only gotten below the 175 I weighed when I left in December of 1998, but that I’d have gone even farther south on the scale. Haven’t weighed myself in two months, but I’d guess I’m above, not below, that mark. Not by much, and not by enough for anyone to even notice… except for me. Of course, I know my fam will be so glad to see me happy and healthy, it won’t even be an issue. I also have to remind myself that my muscle weight is higher than fat. Numbers don’t matter, it’s how you feel, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
Anyway, I know I’ll be recharged by the trip home. I need it! I’m hopeful that I’ll get my DMV smog impact fee refund before I go, so that I don’t have to charge the flight. No matter what, though, I’m going! And the best thing will be getting to sleep with my head in my Momma’s lap, being baby-talked as I nap. There is no age at which I will outgrow that!
Recent kitchen conquests: chicken w/ currants and cous cous, more variations on the silken tofu smoothies, and a much-too-heavy-on-the-cilantro black bean dip.

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