Hello you beautiful people and first off let me THANK YOU for helping me choose my new headshot.

In five days, a total of 864 votes were cast in the Google survey I put up, another few dozen votes came in via Twitter, email, Instagram, blog comments, and in person. I was definitely not lacking for data.


But how much data DO we need, in doing all these surveys? Surveys about our brand, about our targets, about our websites, demo reels, and so on?

How much data does it take to see a pattern?

Frankly… not much.

The only thing that comes with more data is more clarity. The patterns are there as soon as we hit double digits, usually. Especially if we were shrewd in narrowing down the top choices — like I was here when I asked for your help last month — the information that comes back gets pretty clear pretty quickly.

It’s only when we’re mushy to begin with that we get murky results.

Y’all, this is why I share this totally free tutorial on exactly how to craft your best castable brand survey (there’s even a TIP SHEET you can download right here).

Data creates an empowering foundation from which you can make some really great business decisions about how to best depict your most castable brand. As you can see from my stats, there was no question that there were only a few key frontrunners for what I’d end up using from this wonderful shoot with Rod Goodman in New York.

I’m so excited about my new shots and I hope you’re having fun every time you shoot the best headshots of your life (which should be EVERY time). How to make that happen? Read this one!

Hey, thank you for tagging me in your enthusiastic posts about getting down with The Big Leap. I’m willing to bet we’ll be jamming quite a bit about how YOU might be dealing with upper limit problems as outlined in this wonderful book when we gather for mah birfday on the FREE quarterly SMFA Tune-Up Call next week!

Not yet registered? Oh, sugar! Fix that now. 🙂 It’s totally free and it’s such a blast to share so much joy on our journey in this amazing industry of ours!

And of course, it won’t just be book talk. 😉 We’ll dive in about trends in the industry, changes since Self-Management for Actors came out, and YOUR QUESTIONS! Woo hoo!

The hubs and I had a blast in Berkeley for upper limit camp and I continue my mind-body journey of healing while he works on his PTSD too. It’s such an interesting time for us to both be doing a deep-dive of the spiritual, soulful, emotional, CORE US-NESS kind, yet still managing to stay aligned for our best togetherness.

Someone mentioned that we need to teach about some #relationshipgoals at some point. Y’all… it’s so easy. You just choose each other every day. Same as fitness. Same as sobriety. Same as staying in this crazy career we’ve chosen. Never stop choosing it. That’s how you make your dreams come true.

Wanna be sure your tools *and* your mindset are in peak form? Let us get you in gear with some FREE training right now!

All my ninja love!

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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