I did a really spectacular woo webinar recently. (Prefer the webinar version of Chart Harmony 101 over reading blog posts? Sign up here to watch on-demand!)

We kicked things off by asking whether you wanted to work outside-in or inside-out with Chart Harmony.

Defining those terms (from showbiz): To work outside-in means to put on things like costume pieces and accents and makeup and props to help you become the character internally. To work inside-out means to become the character through your inner work and let that inform what you choose to put on from there.

There is no one right way to do it and most folks end up doing a combination of things, which is totally fine. But when it comes to astrology and numerology and other #WitchyShit, sometimes it’s just too confusing and overwhelming to identify exactly what might be out of whack out there or in your chart (or both).

So, here are the 7 prompts that help you know what’s blocking you… and therefore where to start with Chart Harmony (or any other planetary remediation work). Say each of these things out loud and notice which one(s) activate you the most. Whether it’s a fear response or a sinking-tummy of worry or excitement or a quickening of your breathing, just notice which one might be asking for your attention the most, first.

It’s safe to be seen.
It’s safe to grow.
It’s safe to receive.

Home is safe but nowhere else is.
To burn bright is to destroy something we love.
We already have enough; we’re being greedy.

To change is to…?

And with that last one, you can fill it in with whatever feels true for you. Examples include: To change is to betray where I come from. To change is to be dishonest. To change is to become unrecognizable. To change is to no longer be relatable. To change is to have too scary a life from here. Y’know… easy stuff like that. 😉

You can feel what your gut is telling you that you believe IF this prompt is the one you want to start with.

Okay, so if one of those sang out to you, you’re gonna work outside-in. Next time, I’ll share which prompt aligns with which type of planetary remediation, Chart Harmony, activities you’ll enjoy, colors to wear, etc.

Now, if none of those really clicked for you, you may decide to work inside-out. That means you know exactly what part of your chart is in need of your support and you’re gonna provide it with what it needs!

Examples of options include:

your Chart Ruler
your Sun’s ruler
your Moon’s ruler
your least-advantaged natal planet
the planet least represented in rulership
a planet involved in a challenging transit
this year’s profected ruler
a planet you just want to get to know better

If you want to try the inside-out method but you’re new to astrology, head over to my free training, What Your Birthday Says About You, for a walk-thru of rendering your chart, defining of terms, a glyph key (so you can figure out what all those symbols mean), and a description of what each planet in each sign in each house MEANS. Yep… free! 😉

(If you’re not sure what time you were born, use your Sun’s ruler if you were born during daylight; use your Moon’s ruler if you were born while it was dark out. If you have absolutely NO idea what time you were born, pick the luminary ruler that feels most intriguing to you, coolest to you, whatever! There’s no wrong choice!)

Here’s your handy guide to the planetary rulers:

the 7 traditional planets, the 12 signs they rule, glyphs for planets and signs, color-coding to match the Chart Harmony method by Bonnie Gillespie
Click to enbiggen.

Okay! It’s decision time!

Will you be supporting your Chart Ruler? A luminary ruler? Your profected ruler? A planet going through a tough transit? Or will you be supporting a planet based on the reaction you had to one of the 7 prompts I shared for the outside-in method?

Again, there’s no wrong choice! You can always layer on MORE once you get practiced at Chart Harmony.

Click ahead to NEXT POST (just below) for the next installment, wherein I share some of the ways you can create more balance in your life using simple rituals and remedies. Stuff that’s actually easy and FUN to do. 😉

BTW, did I tell you I’m building an oracle deck? (I am having SO MUCH FUN!)

The feedback you share with me on all of this goodness is directly responsible for what makes it into the deck. So… THANK YOU! Comments are open just below. Lemmeknow where you’re headed with this work. I can’t wait to help you with the next step!


Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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  1. Siffany Jayde October 11, 2022 at 12:59 pm

    I come from a family with a very long history of trauma. That trauma affected all of us through the generations. My goal is to break this crippling cycle, and ensure that future generations don’t repeat to the best of my ability. I always want to find my highest, truest form of self, and release the knowledge and magic I’ve earned along the way to aid others in their healing as well as give great entertainment so that they can have a nice release. I enjoy the ability to temporarily relieve ones focused negative energy.
    I also REALLY want one of these Oracle decks your making! 😉

    1. Bonnie Gillespie October 27, 2022 at 1:55 pm

      I love it, Siffany! Even no longer calling it a “crippling cycle” will help. It’s not YOUR cycle. It’s not going to cripple YOU. You’ve decided a new cycle starts with you. Just like a New Moon phase. It’s all new seed-planting. Brand new from here.

      Thank you for sharing, for your healing, and for your excitement over the Chart Harmony Oracle Deck on its way! Yay! I’m excited too! Can’t wait to share. 🙂


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