Okay, folks! Here we GO! This is your ORANGE Chart Harmony list.

One by one, we're gonna tackle each of the 7 prompts I provided for doing outside-in work on what might be blocking you in life… and of course, for those who are woo-curious enough to do the inside-out version of planetary remediation, I've gotchuu too! 😉 Yay!

(If you missed the intro to all of this outside-in vs. inside-out goodness, it's here. My most recent Chart Harmony webinar replay is here. And my starting point if you're new to woo is here.)

So, I asked you to check in with yourself about how it feels to say — out loud — the words IT'S SAFE TO BE SEEN and that's the prompt we'll be healing today if you're working outside-in.

For everyone working inside-out, this is the remedy for you if the Sun is your chart ruler (Leo Rising), your profected year ruler, the luminary you feel least connected with. This is also the remedy for you if your Sun is in less-advantaged dignity (Libra or Aquarius) or if Leo is in a house that brings up a lot of tough issues for you, under the Sun's rulership of that house (I'd imagine that'd be one of the "dark" houses, where the brightness of the Sun is too much).


When creating Chart Harmony with the Sun, we want to shine bright. Lead from the heart. Know we are sourced from the center of the universe and our light is a gift to the world.

~ wear yellow or orange or gold
~ anoint yourself with frankincense oil
~ eat food with curry, ginger, turmeric, honey, and nutritional yeast
~ drink sunny citrus fruit juices (or do a shot of Goldschläger)
~ do a series of sun salutations
~ engage with tiger's eye, citrine, or amber
~ bask in the sun
~ dance Qoya style

No, you needn't do all of this or even very much of it at all. Pick something from this list that feels WARM to you. That's a sign that it's helping you align with IT'S SAFE TO BE SEEN (and it's boosting your relationship with the Sun).

Journal a page of free-writing off the prompt IT'S SAFE TO BE SEEN and do your best not to argue with that statement or explain why it's difficult for you. We're doing brain retraining here around some messages that may be not just years or decades old but actually lifetimes in the making. The healing work you do with this is for your lineage.

Where were THEY not safe to be seen and how is their situation NOT the same as yours… but you're stronger for theirs?

You've got this.

Come chat with us at the Chart Harmony Discord or just below in the comments.

Chart Harmony by Bonnie Gillespie

I'm developing these cute graphics for you, so your feedback is treasured (always).

Okay… you've got this. More next time!

All my love,

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  1. TKO October 11, 2022 at 9:05 am

    Feeling it’s Safe to Be Seen was never an issue for this Libra Sun until this year, 30 years into my professional performance career.

    One: I moved away from LA and to market in a different country (Vancouver, Canada). I didn’t realize how being in the LA entertainment industry traumatized me. My subconscious is telling me loud and clear though. As I consider looking for agents/castings/work I am aware I believe myself “unhirable”, thanks to repeat messaging in the LA industry. “Too white”, “too old for a woman”, “too many ‘shit’ credits”, “too much burlesque”. Things I can’t erase and therefore completely useless feedback at any time in anyone’s career. Still, I allowed it in LA over the 18 years (even while I was actually working!) to seep into my belief system and here I am almost giving up before I even try in a new market because I’m sure I’m unhirable and what’s the point of being “seen”.

    Two: I had a double mastectomy for breast cancer this year and I don’t recognize my body. Huge scars. Fake body parts. No feeling in my upper body. Def not natural looking. I am self-conscious for the first time in life of how I look and am reluctant to allow myself to be seen. I know this is a personal journey and this one, believe it or not, will be easier to remedy than the LA trauma. Because it’s only me saying I look weird. No one else is saying that (to my face). So I’m well on my way to working this one out and finding pride in my physical appearance again. But it’s not effortless, let just say that. It takes lots of discomfort taking photos or changing in the open in the yoga studio dressing room:)

    I just wish there were clear steps to take to heal the subconscious belittlement trauma I carried from LA, too.

    Super vulnerable share here. I hope it gets some others talking and sharing freely too. Thank you for the prompt.

    1. sonia October 26, 2022 at 12:02 am

      thank you soooo much for sharing and being so open and vulnerable –
      It was really touching to read your share and connect with your words. To understand the traumas LA can present and to be reminded of the things we tell ourselves or feel will take work to undo
      its also inspiring to see you’ve moved to a new market and new opportunities are coming your way

    2. Bonnie Gillespie October 27, 2022 at 2:00 pm

      You are a goddess, TKO. Always have been; always will be. I love this share and I love you.

      Definitely, Hollywood can do a number on people. It’s got so much momentum for all the less-healthy things. *sigh* Still believing we are #CreatingTheHollywoodWeWant with our every choice. Just your recognizing all those stoppers as things that slipped into your own beliefs is huge. Labeling — as you still have them creep in — each belief as “Mine” or “Not mine” will help. You’re retraining your brain’s beliefs with that sort of little daily action. I hope you’ll try it.

      I wonder how your chart shifted with the physical move! Astrocartography shows where our natal charts get better or worse support for certain things… I bet you’ve shifted to a friendlier place not just on the Hollywood nonsense scale!

      Sending you so much love, always. You are a superhero!


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