Woo HOO! We’re back for the 2nd of 7 guides on getting past what might be blocking you in life. This is your PURPLE Chart Harmony list.

(If you missed the intro, it’s here. My most recent Chart Harmony webinar replay is here. And for part 1 of 7 in this series, that’s here.)

Outside-in: When you say the words IT’S SAFE TO GROW, if you’re feeling activated, anxious, or suddenly smaller, this is the remedy for you!

If you’re working inside-out, you’re doing this remedy for your Jupiter chart ruler (Sagittarius or Pisces Rising), your profected year ruler, the benefic you feel least connected with. This is also the remedy for you if your Jupiter is in less-advantaged dignity (Gemini, Virgo, or Capricorn) or if Jupiter is in a tough aspect with a malefic in a particularly challenging house.

(Remember, if you’re just barely woo-curious, you’re going with the outside-in version rather than worrying at all about where Jupiter was at the exact moment you were born.)


When creating Chart Harmony with Jupiter, we want to expand. Grow. Reach beyond our grasp. Optimistically stretch toward a goal. Believe anything is possible. TRUST the universe (and ourselves).

~ wear purple or royal blue or anything sparkly
~ anoint yourself with clove oil
~ have seconds (especially of dessert)
~ drink burdock tea, top-shelf gin, anything with bubbles in a fancy glass
~ do Jazzercise or get up on the pole
~ engage with amethyst or lapis lazuli
~ take the party bus to Vegas and then take a big risk in the casino
~ spiritually rejoice, holding nothing back
~ surrender all your worries… for real

Again, this list is offered as a means of getting ideas popping. No need to do all of this stuff! Of course, that said, Jupiter loves MOAR! So… doing the most is actually quite all right, too. 😉 Whatever you choose, make it something that causes you to push beyond your comfort zone.

Jupiter says IT’S SAFE TO GROW (and it’s no surprise that I’ve been facing a big ol’ upper-limit problem with some expansion in my life lately; of COURSE that’s exactly how this stuff works).

In case you want to feel judgy about self-sabotage even when you’re SURE you want to grow to the next tier in any area of your life, I’ll remind you here that the human brain is evolutionarily designed to keep us safe and small. Too much growth takes us out of the pack and that makes us prey. That’s why upper-limit problems exist! Don’t judge yourself for stopping yourself from being your fullest self sometimes. We ALL do it. The goal here is to use some easy Chart Harmony remedies to ease us into growing just a little bit more, with ease, each time expansion is an option.

When you do any of the items listed above, say (ideally out loud): “It’s safe to grow.” Really allow yourself to feel and KNOW the trust required to be who you’re meant to be. And if you’re not feeling the trust in that yet, ask yourself if you can believe a future you can feel that trust. Baby steps!

There’s a saying that the definition of hell is meeting the version of yourself you could’ve been. What would it feel like to live as if you already ARE that version of yourself you want to be? How can your favorite version of yourself be the one you tap into MOAR?!? Jupiter will help.

And of course, we’ll help too! Come jam at the Chart Harmony Discord or just below in the comments.

JUPITER - DRINKS - Chart Harmony Remedies at a Glance

All right, ’til next time (3 of 7), I’m sending you all my expansive and glitter-sparkled love!

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