August 2023 Chart Harmony Calendar notes from Bon:

Ooh, August! You’ve got so much goodness stacked up for us!

This month’s turn-up is all about Venus. She’s now fully in her retrograde illusion, turning our attention inward for a Leo-sized look at how and why we value what we value. Are we loving on ourselves enough? Are we showing our money how much we appreciate it? Are we role-modeling how others should love up on us? LOTS of opportunity to use the combo of the GREEN (for Venus) and ORANGE (for Leo) action this month bumps up for us all! PURPLE is also a big player in August 2023. Yay!

There are *also* a bunch o’ squares in our skies this month, and that energy creates friction. Pressure. Great opportunities for problem-solving! (How do you like my reframe, there?) On the days with LOTS of color, remember that this can mean we get a taste of each of those components depending on the situations we encounter. Consider your own color-combo and what comes easier vs. what you may struggle to allow. Use the days that provide an on-ramp to the energies you’d like to access!

I’ll be tapping into the magic of my favorite amethyst crystal this month (you can keep one on your desk, in your pocket, or under your pillow if you’d like to work the PURPLE vibe too). Another PURPLE remedy I love is having dessert first! Even if it’s a bunch o’ grapes, it’s a beautiful tribute to the energy of expansion all around us, always. ALSO! To connect deeply with my chart ruler, Venus, I’ll be practicing some Louise Hay mirror work (Google it; it’s so nourishing). Join me?

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See you on the inside,

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