Hi! I'm so glad to connect with you! I love connecting. I really, really, really dislike being ghosted. Yet I get ghosted. It happens. Someone leaves my life and I have no idea why, won't ever find out why, and it stays all up in my mind taking up WAY more space than I'd like it to (however, this shamanic closure ritual REALLY helps).

The refrain 'til I get that closure is always some form of:

"What did I do wrong?"

For all of us, whether it's a beloved bestie or an acquaintance-turned-spiteful-hater, when someone leaves your party, it's not the most wonderful feeling.

But thinking of life *like* a party can actually soothe this a bit. Go with me, here: You're hosting a party. Someone leaves without saying goodbye. Do you leave your party to chase that person out into the street demanding to know what you could've done differently to keep that person's interest?

Of course not. You're throwing a party! You're the host for many others who are seriously loving what's going on. And the second you leave to figure out what made *one* person bail, you're telling those who are INTO YOU that they'll get more attention from you if they bail too.


Don't leave your party. Read the popular article I wrote on this topic here. Feel free to jam with me in the comments.

And if you want to come to my sparkly new party, 44 Days with Venus, head over here to grab your spot. We start Saturday! (You will legit get access to a page that says, "You're early! Hold tight!" when you register before then.) This is for you if you want support with love, money, and enoughness in tiny, daily, bite-sized rituals that are easy to do and F-U-N!

collage of Venus the planet, Leo the constellation, astrological charts, a seashell, and a statue of Venus blissfully lounging
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My birthday tradition is here. (The Sum of All Years is an autobiography in which each year's "chapter" is told in as many words as years for that age.) So far, 53 is off to a sparkly start! Thank you for celebrating with me.

You always keep my party a really fun place to be! And I promise not to leave my party to chase anyone out into the street when they choose to leave. I'll just assume they left to pick up more ice. 😉

Much love,

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