Chip… yes, let’s put on Lucy.

Woo hoo! We already have the domain name(s) — got .net and .org too. Cricket Feet is what I get when I’m happy: when crickets rub their feet together… happy sounds! Anyway, I’ll send you content once I have some. It’s our little computer consulting company thingy, so it’ll just be a logo and some info on rates and what we do, etc.
I got rid of all of the crap on my Athenstown account. Dear God, I do NOT want my penis enlarged! How did I get on these mailing lists? Anyway, thanks for the Blogger invites. I’ll get right on those.
PS – doing Blogger stuff and getting rid of crap email is a good way to get past a panic attack.
Dera: yes… Sunday night is sad night here too. I think it’s just the whole wind-down/gear-up thing (and, for me, it’s when I would always talk to my Mom — we talked more than once a week, but always on Sundays). So, PopStars2 is doing the trick right now. The IT Factor on Bravo is also good. Keith and I love Alias, and that should be on soon. Hope that helps.
Okay, Jocelyn, I did it too: You’re George!

Take the Which Beatle Are You? Quiz.

All right… time to check out some Theme Blogging. BTW, cookie or no cookie, I am still having to log in over and over again… BAD “remember me” check box. You lie!

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