The other day — in an impromptu Facebook Live broadcast (yeah, I don't always plan these things) — I talked about dispassionate labeling.

This is seriously one of my very favorite things.

Dispassionate — that means you can't be judging what you're labeling. No beating yourself up about what you've identified. You don't get to decide someone else is better than you because of what you observe.
Labeling — identifying something accurately. Calling a thing a thing. 😉

When we can correctly identify where we are (like, at what tier, at what talent level, at what readiness to make lasting change in our lives) and not freakin' belittle ourselves for being where we are (meaning, we don't resent still being at the co-star level, we don't get pissed that another actor books when we don't, and we definitely don't kick ourselves for staying stuck too long), we can get GOING on moving from one status to another. And that means…

we can actually make progress faster!

But first we have to dispassionately label things, and that means no more draping a wrist across a forehead and sighing while saying, "Oh, this is sooooooooooo horrible."

Sugar, don't.

Fatalistic language creates fatalistic reality.

Once you can say, "I'm a pre-union level actor in a minor market with few credits" and NOT load all those words with pain or stress or woe-is-me, you're on your way to becoming a union member living in a major market (or even being at the top of the game in your smaller one, if you'd prefer) amassing credits that fill you with glee.

But so much of what keeps us stuck is that we describe it in ways that create a steeper climb.

Watch my chat about this (on YouTube or at Facebook) and lemmeknow how you can shift your language even just a tiny bit to find yourself in a better position than you thought you were moments ago!

I actually did an episode of my podcast on this topic as well, but it's a few weeks out. But yes, that I'm talking about episodes I've done but not yet released means — it's true!!! — THE WORK is back for season 9 next week! If you've missed anything from the previous *eight* seasons for cryin' out loud, head on over to Apple Podcasts to get caught up!

Speaking of podcasts, let me start by saying I'm not a podcast person… and I'm about to recommend one.

One of the many, many, many things I love about Get in Gear for the Next Tier (that's my 100-day challenge program, which you can join HERE) is that the brilliant participants are constantly sharing their toys and putting things on the collective membership radar that make MY journey more joy-filled.

Welp, just a few hours ago, gorgeous Grace shared a new podcast called Happier in Hollywood. I've just spent the past two hours listening to it and making notes for things it's inspired me to create next. It's hosted by TV writer/creators Liz Craft and Sarah Fain, and it's wonderful. And I am not a podcast person!!

(Yes, I say this after having just recorded 25 episodes of *my* podcast for season 9. I get it. I am not my buyer. And you are not yours, BTW.)

Another very cool find is the documentary Dream, Girl and it was created by the powerhouse team Erin Bagwell and Komal Minhas. (Fun fact: Komal started out as a subject of Erin's doc and was so inspired by Erin's mission that she came on as a producing partner and these two are now doing some really cool follow-ups.)

Finally, one of my new friends from the spiritual retreat I attended last month took me to a live taping of a podcast (I know!! And I am NOT a podcast person!) of female entrepreneurs for the Liberty Sessions. The episode they did while we were in attendance will be posted soon, but here's a shot from the event in Santa Monica. What blew me away in particular was what the youngest two panelists said about leadership and our work as creatives.

And that brings me to my point. 😉 

My point in sharing all of these things — Happier in Hollywood; Dream, Girl; and Liberty Sessions — is that I'm finding a ridiculous amount of inspiration created entirely by women being brought right to me. Without even seeking it out, I've had a significant amount of young, fresh, powerful, change-creating energy delivered to my metaphorical doorstep and I am compelled to share this nonstop flow of creation with you.

At a time when we may be feeling small or powerless, I'm finding more evidence than ever of NOT the big guys looking out for making a difference (hey, it's great when they sometimes do) but a consistent stream of grassroots, self-produced, "I'm not waiting for anyone to grant me permission to tell my fucking story" type stuff going on.

And because the origins story of each of these projects is something I've been exposed to in the past few weeks (or hours), I can tell you what they all share is this: Dispassionate labeling.

They never got discouraged while sitting at a set-point of despair.

They got started from a set-point of accurately identifying where they were and where they wanted to be, then getting off their booties to start out on that road from point A to point B.

And their point B could change the world. One little shift at a time.

Are you ready to head to your point B?

Have you dispassionately labeled where you are and where you want to be? And are you inspired to make change that improves the state of the world?

Holla atcha girl. Comments are open below I wanna know!

And I wanna support you in your goals to the next tier. In fact, let's close this out with me celebrating ninja Liz Days who is going through the nomination process for an Emmy Award. How did this get started? Dispassionate labeling. Point A. Point B. Off-the-bootie-getting to start out on the road from a solid set-point. And now? #FYC, baby.

Get yours.

Don't wait.

(No one's gonna come over and just hand you stuff.)

Let's make it happen!

You in?

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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