Woo HOO, December 2020! The month astrologers have been talking about for YEARS. Yup… December 21st is what they’re calling The Great Conjunction. And it’s a game-changer for our setpoint as human beings. More on that in a moment.

As always, we’ll go twice through the calendar chronologically. Once for big astro and once for the moon’s shifts and numerology of the days, looking for best GSD (get shit done) energy. Of course, if you’re looking for best chill energy or best romantic energy, or how the astro of the days aligns with YOUR astro/numero settings, you’ll want to join in my Aligned Advantage membership (or at the very least put my free woo livestream on your calendar).

We kick off December coming out of a full moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini, during which we released things attached to communication and writing and expression and fragmented ideas. December is a 7 month (spiritual tone, introspective focus) in a 4 year (hard work; no shit, 2020) and as big astro goes, we actually start December off pretty quietly (a relief after the chaos of October and November big astro, ammirite).

Mercury shifts into Sagittarius on the 1st, letting our communication and intellect and technology and short-range travel feel a lot LIGHTER. Freer, more fun, more expansive, less critical and suspicious. Phew! On the 14th, we have our second eclipse of the season, with the new moon in Sagittarius. This is a great time to plant seeds for growth, higher learning, travel, and anything that feels expansive! As eclipses make the focus BIGGER as they close and open six-month windows of energy, really get intentional with your seed-planting here. It can be pretty magical for the first half of 2021!

On the 15th, Venus follows Mercury into Sagittarius and that means our love life, how we value things, and how we perceive beauty all get more adventurous, expansive (there’s that word again), and much more straightforward than before. This energy will feel light and yummy and downright FUN, if we lean into it well. Yay!

Now, on the 17th, Saturn moves into Aquarius (again), kicking off a very big shift in energy we’ll be feeling for the rest of our lives. Yup… it’s that big. This shift in energy around our destiny and life’s purpose is an energy we flirted with earlier in 2020, before Saturn retrograded OUT of Aquarius and back into Capricorn for more hard-fucking-lessons. So check late March to the end of June for how your alignment with your life’s work was feeling. That was your preview for where we’ll be with Saturn for the next couple o’ years.

On the bigger scale, look for more activism, social change, uprisings of movements with a LOT more momentum than we’ve ever seen before, and a shift in the power structure we’ve lived in our whole lives. This is going to be a wild few years, y’all. And when you hear the phrase “The Age of Aquarius,” many folks do, in fact, mean this 200-year season we’re about to kick off in which the sun, Jupiter, and Saturn will conjunct only in AIR SIGNS for the next 200 years.

Note: There is also another meaning for “The Age of Aquarius” surrounding the procession of the vernal equinox into Aquarius. There is debate among astrologers as to which set of events is the official AGE, here. Just know it all means way more collective focused, idea (and ideals) focused work and less he-who-owns-all-the-THINGS-wins energy. If you sense rumblings in the patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy, that’s right on target for Aquarius’ more innovative and collective-serving setpoint.

Remember that we’ve had most of the year’s big teachings coming from three outer planets (Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter) ganging up together in Capricorn. As Saturn exits Capricorn, and ushers in this start of air-sign conjunctions with Jupiter for 200 years (and leaves Pluto behind in Capricorn to do more transformation business for us there), expect a freer, more expressive, more expansive (hey, there’s that word AGAIN) vibe overall.

On the 19th, Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius, adding its energy of growth and expansion (okay, this is getting ridiculous) and prosperity to that focus on the collective with a far more inclusive and equitable frame. Thank GAWD!

On the 20th, Mars will square Pluto for the third time in 2020 (the other two times were August 3rd and October 9th, if you’d like to look for patterns). Watch for power struggles, discomfort turned up to full-on pain in the ass, and escalation of stuff that needs to change. Also on the 20th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, making our communication and thought processes more matter-of-fact, practical, and down to business in scope. Just in time for the sun to leave Sagittarius for Capricorn season on the 21st, of course!

The big astro event of the year is the 21st of December, when The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius marks a new era for the rest of our lives. Optimism in the struggles rather than struggles for the sake of pushing against. BIG changes ahead (with a couple of years still to really get our legs about us for this new Aquarius setpoint; luckily, Aquarius is a FIXED AIR sign, so its groundedness will help with the element change).

On the 29th, we have our full moon in Cancer, which is a nourishing time to release hurt feelings, heal family-rooted wounds, and prune whatever may prevent us from creating a sense of safety and home in our our lives. Doubly so because of that 9 numerological energy. Let that shit GO, y’all. And on the 31st we end 2020 with Uranus (still retrograde) moving back into Taurus, which puts a more innovative and surprising spin on issues of deep comfort and security, big banking, and money issues in general.

Oof! What a month, right? And of course, we’re just getting started! Here we go with another pass of the Aligned Hustle Calendar for December focusing on the numerology of the days and the signs the moon flows through, for best GSD energy.

December 1st would be a decent GSD day with that Gemini moon and the 8 numerologically, but we’re in a void moon pretty much the whole day then shift into the Cancer moon, so it’s not as magical for the task-management stuff as we might like. The 3rd, however, can be very productive especially for home-based tasks! I’m crazy about the 5th with that Leo moon and 3 numerological combo ’til the moon goes void around 2:30pm PST. So, make use of that morning for sure! (Promote yourself; strut your stuff!)

On the 6th after around 12pm PST, lean into that Virgo moon + 4 numerology for some great GSD energy with your to-do list. That same GSD energy will be more playful and fun on the 7th. And on the 8th, look for your collaborative projects — especially involving house and home — to line up pretty well. The 8 numerology of the 10th under that Libra moon ’til around 6pm PST is pure fire for GSD with partners. Late on the 12th, we’ve got yummy Sagittarius moon energy firing up on that 1 numerological day, so there could be some very festive energy helping you start some fun things that night!

I love the 14th for GSD as long as it’s not big-impact stuff, because that void moon takes up a big chunk of the day, meaning it’s not the best day for promoting or drawing attention to things but it’s fabulous for manifesting and bringing higher learning and adventure into your creations. The 15th is another of our earth-sign moons (Capricorn) + 4 numerology which is fabulous for rolling up the sleeves and getting so so so much done without stress. That same Capricorn moon + the 5 of the 16th brings a little more lightness to the work. Yay!

The 17th and 18th are great for talking things out and doing home-based and self-based things related to communication and equality and diversity and innovation. And when we glide into the Pisces moon early on the 19th, we’re not going to be able to do much with that powerful 8 numerology because we’ll be in a fantasy land of dreaminess (and expansion thanks to that Jupiter shift we discussed earlier).

I’m all for the afternoon shift into an Aries moon under Capricorn sun on a 1 numerological day on the 21st but due to all the big astro of the day, I’d not schedule too much ambitious stuff even though normally that combo of Aries + 1 under ANY sun would be pure fire for getting things going. The big astro is just TOO BIG to predict that this day will go like other Aries moon + 1 numerological days.

The 23rd offers a good part of the day under that same Aries moon (before it goes void) with a 3 energy which is amazing for manifesting and getting so much done. Take advantage of this energy!! And if you can do some financial planning and work toward your most decadent self on the 24th, please do so. Have fun on the 25th (you WILL have that second… and third… helping of rich, yummy foods) and focus on what feels good. That Taurus moon really wants it that way.

Late on the 26th, we focus on health and healing and domestic tasks with a little more energy after 3:30pm PST, but the real boost this Gemini moon gives us comes on the 28th when we also have an 8 numerology vibe and that’s some serious POWER y’all. Yes, of course, I have a big webinar scheduled for that day. Why WOULDN’T I take advantage of that magical, powerful energy?!?

I like the energy of the 30th for some well-nurtured, loving, almost protective GSD stuff, especially new projects that need a bit of CARE surrounding them (and, yes, I’m livestreaming that day too). 😉 Finally, as we shift into a Leo moon around 11am PST on the 31st, we get ready to step out into the spotlight, but it has quite an emotional and, again, nurturing vibe to it thanks to that 2 numerology. (And since that Leo moon takes us into a 7 day for the 1st of January, you can see a lovely handoff from the nurturing to the spiritual as we slowly ramp up for the new energy of a 5 year in 2021. MORE FUN!! Yay!)

Phew! If all of this whetted your appetite and you’d like to go deeper with me on exploring the woo calendar, grab my free training What Your Birthday Says About You and join us for Aligned Advantage to take it to the next level. And if this has been all you need, that’s awesome too. I love helping you plan out your life with these tools I learned alongside my mother, the astrologer. 🙂 Hope to see you on the 18th for my free livestream: Unlocking 2021 with Bonnie Gillespie!

Of course, I’ll see y’all ’til then here in the comments. Keep expanding, beauteous ones!

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