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This week’s Your Turn is just a quick, “Yes, and,” regarding last week’s The New Business Model (and a reminder that I’m still looking for help in compiling information from Canadian actors working in the states, per last week’s Your Turn. Thanks for the tips a few of you have already sent in! I’ll be featuring them in an upcoming column).


The reason I’m emailing you is because what these bands are doing is HUGE. They are taking total control of their content and pretty much own their stuff exclusively. Which brings me to what I wanted to tell you.

The same thing can be done with feature films. Yes, filmmakers can now distribute their own films instead of relying on these unscrupulous distribution companies who can and do screw filmmakers out of hundreds and thousands of dollars. It’s common practice and it’s one of those things that you know is going to happen to you but you NEED distribution to make profit so on and so forth.

We are going to be shooting a feature film this summer and are buying a service deal. We will totally own all the content and rights and we can control where and when the film is released. We DO NOT have to weigh our hopes on Mr. Distributor to get our film out there and possibly get screwed because they don’t really care to push the film. We are shooting digital so we do not have to come up with P&A funds because a lot of the theaters are now equipped with digital capabilities and if, per chance, a theater does want prints, what’s a few thousand dollars?

These types of things are the wave of the future and it is happening now. The digital age is changing everything and we, the little guy, can now take advantage of it.

Just thought I’d drop you this line because it does not only apply to the music industry. Filmmakers are NOW beginning to distribute their own films. Your article was spot on on what the “little guy” can now do. Great article, girl.

Search Indie Direct for more info on digital distribution if you have any interest.

Peace ‘n good luck,
Chris T.

Thanks! I love a good, “Yes, and!” 😉 Good luck with your shoot! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

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