Friday Morning Search Party

Oh joy! Oh rapture! It’s time for a Friday Morning Search Party. Woo!
Here’s some stuff that led folks to the BonBlogs in the past month or so, and where I think they should’ve gone instead. Or somesuch.
I’m out like it’s 1999 sayings: Wow! I don’t think I ever said that, although I did hang out with a very clever cute boy on 12/31/99 who reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a toy lion at some point, making me laugh ’til I spit champagne out of my nose.
dea vise leg: How random! Dea, how’s your leg, baby? I knew your back was bad… but your leg? Very bizarre. Someone’s checking on your gams, baby. Better put ’em in fishnets and prance! Meanwhile, keep churning out those lovely candles!
diet blessed bonnie: Sadly, no diet has ever truly blessed Bonnie. Perhaps a few have come close, but it seems I will always struggle with the scale in my life. Eh… no biggie. Some struggle with life and death, war and peace, good and evil. If my struggle is between fat and less-fat… *shrug* I’ve got it pretty dang easy.
denise chamian dropoffs: Interesting. I don’t know if Denise accepts drop-offs, but I know a good CD resource page is here and maybe they have the deets you seek.
put your bra on: I think this may be my favorite. It’s part of why I hate the “drop in” and always ask my rockstar intern to call just before she arrives. The bra–when the girls are this ample–must be ON in front of people.
artist’s way julia cameron life pie: Not sure I’m the best source for this, but I did write about Julia’s many artist resources in a grad school creative writing apologia. (Courtney, do you still have yours? I remember enjoying it.) Anyway, it’s good for all artists and I think there’s a variation on it at Talent PIMP too. (Sign up for free by visiting this link and entering promo code HHH.)
hollywood spy actor: Well, I’m not an actor (anymore) and I’m only a spy inasmuch as rockstar Chip lets me play on his way cool server, but I guess I’m technically in Hollywood, so… um… okay.
amazing babes: Babes McPhee is amazing. And she’s a total rockstar. Hollywood heavy-hitter. You watch.
“What the heck, right?”: I really like this one. Why anyone is searching this phrase, I do not know. But I love saying it and I think we should all do so. Often.
“celebrity d-list” “what the hell is”: What makes this search extra special is the “hell” in the query. I mean, really. It’s not enough that someone wants to know what the D-List is… it’s that he or she wants to know what the HELL the D-List is. That’s intense.
I think progress stopped with frozen pizza + movie: How the hell this landed someone at my blog, I will never know. But it’s damn cool. And I respect you for searching. When do I get 31 Watermelons searches? WHEN?!?
I guess that’s it. As always, I start out thinking the search party is going to be way fun… and then I realize it’s probably only interesting to me. Like home movies. Eh… that just means I love y’all a ton. B/c why would I share my home movies with you otherwise, right?

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  1. Ed R November 10, 2006 at 3:10 pm

    I can state with all honesty that the ‘put your bra on’ was NOT me.

  2. Erik November 10, 2006 at 6:08 pm

    Don’t even TRY to diss Friday Morning Search Party. This post made me laugh several times and I totally agree with you: when the hell are you going to start getting searching for motherfreaking “31 watermelons”?

  3. Eitan November 11, 2006 at 11:07 pm

    My all-time favorite on my website, “Fed up with engineering.” I still tell people about that one.


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