Friday Night Search Party

It’s that time again… it’s a Friday Night Search Party. Woo hoo! Some juicy ones this time! Heeeee!
red hot momma: I’m not red. I’m not (that) hot. I’m definitely no one’s momma. Maybe you were looking for this T-shirt? Not my style, but hey… someone’s gotta buy all of those Maxine cards from Hallmark.
the spy who loves me: Well, I am a spy (per Chip) and I do love many folks, so, I guess that’s cool.
tags casting porno casting: Ha!! Well, I haven’t cast a porno yet (nor do I expect to do so), but I did just finish casting my first feature film with nudity. Woo! That was a wild experience. Nudity riders are not easy to write (and, even though a dear friend in casting helped guide me through the process, very few people want to share their work in this industry, making it tough to simply learn from what others have done). I will definitely get paid more for the next film with nudity. It’s a LOT of extra work.
leemer: That’d be my musical soulmate, John Leeming (AKA Leemsy). He’s here. Great blog. Wait… great BLOGS. Bookmark him. Enjoy him. Worship him. Like I do. *giggle*
post-production house organized a competition where assistant editors re-cut trailers for famous movies to try and make them seem like different movies: Well, of course I linked to that! That’s Shining and West Side Scary. And while you’re enjoying those, also watch the worst audition ever, to which I linked from my column a couple of months ago and the always amazing 30 Second Films. The classics never die, dig?
spokesmodel Tiffany: Ooh, that could so totally be my niece. I’ve really been enjoying getting to see her cheer on TV this season. Wanna see? Click here (but don’t tell the copyright folks over at the network, the college football people, or somsuch). Hee hee. She’s so great!
Bon’s shoes: My shoes are really boring. I prefer to wear none. But I do have an old favorite pair I keep refusing to toss out, Tweeds circa 1999, bought for like $25. Man, I miss Tweeds. They made the best stuff. Anyway, I bought some freekin’ $150 replacement shoes and they’ve since fallen apart. Ugh. Why why why, when I bought the 1999 shoes did I not do what my Momma taught me and go back and buy MANY of them, since I knew I loved ’em so much? Ugh. I did finally learn that lesson with the standard black cami tant top. I must have ten of those now. But, man! I miss my shoes.
chocolate dreamwhip pie: That’s what Keith makes every year for Christmas. We take that and some version of my/Sloane’s spinach dip to orphans’ dinner each year and that’s always fun. Of course, I eat none of the pie, but Keith could sit and eat a whole one for breakfast. I swear, that man eats like his parents are out of town. Anyway, here’s a recipe, in case you’re looking for one.
hearts of palm receipts: Yes… “receipts.” Well, hell… I don’t think those are tax-deductable, but knock yourself out.
Finally, my favorite recent search: ¿¡1ú-õ°í,®3/4Æ (gosh, I hope that comes through close to “right”). It’s just a bunch of really cool keyboard “special characters” and I really love that, somehow, THAT led someone HERE. What a hoot!
God bless the Internets.

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  1. Avatar Leemer December 30, 2005 at 7:28 pm

    Wow, Bon… I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such high praise from you, but I’ll take it.
    Thanks for always being in my corner, whether it was deserved or not.

  2. Avatar amybird December 31, 2005 at 4:31 am

    I have read about your shoes and know what it is like to have some that you love more than life itself. I poked around and found the pictures of the sandals you bought to replace the olds ones. I am sorry to hear they have not worked out so well.
    I do have a suggestion for you though. The Dansko Lolita is by far the best sandal I have ever owned. It looks similar to the picture you posted as well. I have had my green ones for two years now – worn non-stop during the warm weather and they are still in almost perfect condition. They are also comfortable. I took them on our Charleston vacation and ended up wearing them the entire time. I walked the entire city in them and never had a problem. I love these shoes. At least go try them on…..
    Good luck on the shoe hunt.

  3. Avatar lemonface December 31, 2005 at 6:52 am

    I knew we were cybersoulmates …
    I’m sitting here wearing my favorite old Tweeds shirt … v-neck, sweatshirt material, comfy, full of holes. Every time I wash it, I’m always afraid I will reach into the dryer and pull out a teeny little piece of material but it is apparently indestructible. I can’t remember what the color is called … I would call it seafoam but I’m sure Tweeds has some fancy-pants crunchy-granola name for it like abalone or shell.
    I had just been thinking “why oh WHY didn’t I order this in every color to start with?” Who knew Tweeds would leave us way too soon???
    Never got any of their shoes though … my bad.
    ALSO I echo the fandom of “Leemster” even though I haven’t met him … as well as the other bloggers on linedrives. THANK YOU for sharing that URL with me! I read it every day now. (OK, it’s been like two days but you get the idea … and to be honest there aren’t THAT many baseball blogs I read regularly because that way would lie madness).
    Rose rocks too. 🙂


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