Get in Gear: One More Sleep

NOTE: The below is an archive of an email sent out before our free year-end training series called “Get in Gear for the New Year.” Due to popular demand, we’ve made this email-based course available to you ANYTIME if you don’t want to wait ’til our next free offering (December 21st). Ready to Get in Gear NOW? Start here!

One! More! Sleep!

I know, in some parts of the world, it’s already tomorrow, but I rock it Pacific Standard Time, so we’ll be working on my clock for this free explosion of badassery. That means we’re just one sleep away from the start of 11 days of inbox love designed to get your mind and your tools in peak shape for 2018!

Cricket Feet Showcase Cast

One of my very favorite things about this FREE online course is the community support that comes from all over the world, just because you’re sharing this journey together! I freakin’ LOVE that and think it’s a glorious bonus to all the up-leveling that happens while working on the Self-Management for Actors principles!

If you have missed A THING, all the posts related to this revolutionary FREE training are located here.

Especially be sure you’ve schooled yourself on how to make the most of this time we’ll share, how to receive the highest-quality data EVER in surveying this community about your tools, *and* how to score membership in our life-changing 100-day challenge just by sharing photos of yourself with your beloved copy of Self-Management for Actors!

Okay, that’s (pretty much) it. I’m putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s first blast and that sun is barely visible out over that gorgeous Pacific Ocean out my window, so it’s (almost) ON.

Definitely keep me posted about how things are going for you with this! In fact, I’ll give you a tweet to use in each day’s email (and when you use it, that’s an entry in the aforementioned CONTEST — Woo hoo!).

Hey, here’s a tweet to get you an EXTRA entry today! Bonus!! Before the contest even officially starts, you’re already IN with an entry. — Just click to tweet it and you’re ahead! — Check me out as I #GetInGear for the New Year with @BonnieGillespie and the #SMFAninjas starting tomorrow! 2018 is the year of #NextTier ME! Just watch! (I’ve left you room to add your own WOO HOO message as well.)

Gotta scoot. I’m so excited for all we’re gonna do over these next 11 days! Please enjoy every moment of this process! I know I sure will. 🙂 Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Much love,

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