Getting Organized

I finally have a chance to organize all of the bins of headshots in this apartment. Of course, I keep coming up with new systems within subsets of systems and the categories are never-ending, it seems. LOL
OCD is a funny thing.
I’m just glad I got over the keeping EVERY SINGLE HEADSHOT I’d ever received EVER thing. That was getting a little… well… walls-closing-in-ish.
I think, to blow out a funk I’ve been basking in the past couple of days, a trip to the outlet stores is in order. I’m not usually a shopper. In fact, I only ever seem to shop online, really. But I somehow feel that finding anything for around 75% off will improve my mood.
Can’t hurt.

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  1. Joni March 24, 2004 at 7:02 am

    Ahhhh – Zen Shopping. Always a good thing to lift the spirit.