July 13, 2001. Keith and I had decided to meet in person after two months of emailing, calling, and falling in love on every level other than physical.

I flew into Salt Lake City from LA and waited for his flight from Michigan to arrive.

Filled with all the emotions that swirl when we know we’re about to have our lives forever changed, I looked out one of the giant windows at the majestic mountains and asked my mother, “Can you believe I’ve flown here to meet some guy from the Internet?”

And I felt her respond, Of course. I sent him to you. 💫

Mom had died one month before Keith’s whole life got thrown into chaos: His wife left, his job ended, he sat alone in a big empty house suddenly wondering what his life was supposed to be now.

When we met online in April 2001 through a humor column I was writing (about being plus-sized, 30, and dating every loser in LA), we had no intention of doing more than flirting.

Flirting was a part of my job as a columnist. He was out of practice from a decade in the same relationship. (First thing I taught him: Never stop flirting!) We lived 2200 miles away from each other. Neither of us wanted a relationship. Nothing would ever come of this.

Yet here I was, alone in the SLC airport, finding out my mom had other plans.

As he deplaned, my heart leapt and I said, “Oh, fuck. He’s the one.” And with very little exception, we’ve been together 20 hours a day ever since. 💗

Here we are, today, together, nearly 18 years later and I still can feel my heart leap. My mom’s voice enveloping me as I take in this view.

And as the hubs and I head into our new adventures from here, I remain inspired, in love, and so grateful for having relaxed my resistance enough to receive the guidance that led me to all the beauty we’ve created thus far. 🕊

Here’s to the next 18, baby. So excited for what’s next! 💕

Bonnie Gillespie autographed the internet

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