Settle in. This is a long one.

As I write this, we’re right smack in the middle of the biggest shift of our lives as a business, a family, a partnership. “We” = me + hubs, essentially. But also everyone on our team, here. And, by extension, that means you too.

And since change freaks the bejeezus out of the amygdala (🌟), there’s been a lot of tool-using ’round here. Tools like bilateral stimulation, EFT, and mirror work, just to name a few faves.

Before I get into specifics, I should mention that I’m going to be playing around with the look of the BonBlast in the coming weeks… and I welcome your feedback about any of it. Also, I’m gonna use the little star-shine emoji to indicate a LINK to something you may find interesting.

Like, with this 🌟 one, you can enjoy some photos from our wedding day (plus a story about what it’s like, spending 20 hours a day together, pretty much every day since we met 23 years ago this month).

Anyway… in addition to returning to mom-and-pop status in many ways with our business (which includes adjustments like a new email format), for the first time in those 23 years together, the hubs and I will NOT be spending 20 hours a day together. 😮 And since we *have* spent so long with that amount of togetherness as our setpoint, I’m definitely low-key freaking out about just how DIFFERENT things are gonna feel. Daily.

When we met online in 2001, Keith worked in Michigan at his last-ever jobby-job. He was the senior network engineer for the private banking group servers at one of the big financial corporations. His job was to supervise a bunch o’ computer guys who would basically wait for something to go sideways and then he’d deploy everyone to execute one of his brilliant save-the-day strategies before millions of dollars got mislaid.

One of the things I said to Keith before he left his cushy tech job in big banking was, “Move to Hollywood; I’ll make you famous.”

This was before Self-Management for Actors was even a concept (much less a bestseller many times over). I just knew I had a pretty good idea of how this whole thing worked (that, + my secret woo-woo weapon 🌟 of course) and oh, BTW, we were in love.

Keith Johnson luckiest man in the world tweet 2022

When he tells this story, Keith refers to himself as “the luckiest man in the world” and here’s one way that’s definitely true: He hasn’t held a job outside of showbiz gigs since 2001.

His job — he says — is to “push the bus that is Brand Bonnie Gillespie.” And that’s also definitely true. I love having him working the back-end of our amazing li’l empire over here! He’s so good at so many things… and we LOVE the time we spend together, every damn day. Truly lucky!!

CUT TO: April 8th 2024.

Monday was Keith’s first day of 10 weeks of training for what will be his new job (or I guess it already IS his new job… but whatever).

He’s gone from 5:40am to 3:10pm Monday through Friday. (Please do not see this as an invitation to come over and murder me; my Marine may be away, but I’m trained in Krav Maga. Also, I enjoy living. Thanks.)

He’s already taking tests daily. He’s getting lots of fabulous feedback about his professionalism and the sheer perfection of his uniform.

And he’s not ready for me to tell everyone what he’s doing. (I know. It’s annoying. I’m such an oversharer and he’s such a… well… Scorpio 🌟 12H.)


Let’s just say that within a few months, one of the “knowns” we’re facing is that he’ll be bringing home some bacon. That has NEVER been our dynamic (and we took a lot of heat about our life choices, early on. So so so many people said I was out of my mind, “supporting” him — SHEESH, got some outdated gender settings there? Yeah. Lots of people still do).

What can I say? I love monetizing things I create from scratch and since I’m damn good at that, why should he have to take a job he didn’t want all those years? Now? He wants not just *a* job, but *this* job. And I’m so freakin’ proud of him!

Yes, I miss him. But I also find myself endlessly fascinated by the ways in which I’m already discovering things about myself, about my business, about who I am when not reflected back by Keith all the time.

It’s cool!

Never thought this would be how my 8 year would shape up, but when the North Node transits your 7H, you’re gonna energize lots o’ manifestation magic to your person, I guess!


What the hell was this story for, if I can’t (yet) share the punchline?

Welp, I love gamification, so let’s have you predict what my hubs’ new career is. Things you may wish to know about him, to help you guess:

~ he’s a 1 numerologically
~ he’s Mutable dominant
~ he’s having his 2nd Saturn return right now
~ as a kid, he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up
~ he was one of the Marines that greeted Ronald Regan/held the door/saluted at the White House after flights
~ he’s been a part of multiple (showbiz folk) D&D games for many years
~ he hasn’t owned a car in more than a decade

Now, I’ve also sprinkled clues throughout this post, of course.

Comment below to hit me with your guess(es). I’ll tell you if you get it right. Promise! And as soon as he’s feeling “Instagram official” about the damn thing, I’ll be sure to share here! (Not sure when I’ll be back on Instagram. I do not miss it AT ALL.)

Not sure when you’ll get your next BonBlast, but I’ll be playing with more things over here in the new email space as I continue to build things in the creative cave. So… keep an eye out. And of course check my EVENTS page for when I’ll be where and whatnot.

Oh! I’ll also be opening up some 1-on-1 sessions soon. Lemmeknow if you want on that list!

Much love,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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