Over at our awesome Chart Harmony Discord, I get asked questions. This one came in shortly after the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces today. Basically, “How long will this transit last?”

Here’s my answer.

Think of transits like actual WEATHER. You can see a cold front coming on the news. You can track what the meteorologists are saying about a storm on its way. And the moment when the degrees and minutes are exact, we’re at the peak experience.

So, for this particular transit, both Mars and Saturn were at 14º40′ a little over 3 hours ago. We’ve been feeling this transit COMING, energetically, before that exact moment. And, we continue to feel this transit GOING, now.

How long do we feel it coming and going?

Well… how long before a storm can you tell a storm is coming? Or a cold snap? Or a heat wave?

SOME PEOPLE can feel weather changes way before others. Their knees may ache before the temperature gets significantly colder. They may feel itchy or inflamed before big winds kick up.

Other people may not have that much sensitivity to the weather, right?

A lot depends on what NATAL planets or placements you have at degrees/minutes near the conjunction that’s happening. Or within a degree or two… and what’s the relationship between the signs?

Like, this Mars-Saturn conjunction is happening in Pisces. If someone doesn’t have anything significant in Mutable signs in their natal chart, they may not feel this transit too long before or after it’s at its peak.

(Why am I checking Mutable signs? Scroll down to watch my quick overview of ASPECTS, below — or click here to see it on YouTube.)

But someone with a 15º Mutable sign in their Life-Car (so, Sun, Moon, or Rising — vid) is probably going to have felt this transit coming since last week (with more pressure each day) and as of today, they’ll start feeling relief as Mars continues on past Saturn (because Mars is a faster-moving planet).

Specifically with this conjunction, Mars is conjunct Saturn every 2 years-ish. Of course, 2 years ago, Saturn would’ve been in Aquarius, so we didn’t have these planets meeting up in a Water sign… so the experience of their combined energy would’ve been different.

How’s that?

With all this in mind, head on over to your calendar (or come get my new plan•it planner if you REALLY want to have my touch on your timing) and consider how best to use the woo weather!

Feel free to ask follow-up questions below in the comments or over at our Discord. I’ve gotchuu!

Much love,

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