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My job as the therapy human for my therapy dog seems to be winding down now that the beach fireworks have ended. I have complicated feelings about the story of freedom that’s spun about this day, so the opportunity to channel my energy into making sure my sweet puppy feels safe is welcomed.

Recently, I’ve spent quite a few coaching sessions helping brilliant creatives work their way through similarly complicated feelings. Like, “How am I supposed to keep doing this art/acting/writing/singing/whatever while the world is so…” and that question ends with some sort of catastrophic description of all the things that are out of our control.

My response?

It’s probably a lot like what ultimately comforts my nervous dog as the vibrations of explosions crescendo and feel as though they’re coming ever-closer: We can’t control what we can’t control… and worrying about what we can’t control is energy we’re robbing from the creative life we’re here to live.

Not only is our art cheated out of our focus; the world is cheated out of getting to experience our art. Not only is it just unpleasant to wallow in worry for so long; doing so creates neurological efficiency around worry. (Translation: EVERYTHING becomes a thing we’re worried about.)

Mala Beads Gillespie tucked into his dog bed, feeling little

Please note that curtailing worry is not the same thing as putting your head in the sand and ignoring important issues. Curtailing worry allows us to focus with intention. It gives the nervous system a break from the near-constant bombardment of we’re not safe messages it’s been getting for years now.

I’ve found that one of the more effective — and organic — tools for riding the waves of such strong emotional ups and downs is following the MOON and leaning into her phases of light.

Well, to be fair, the Moon has no light of her own; we only ever see light that she is reflecting back to the Sun. When she is her brightest (at the Full Moon), we can shine brighter than usual too. And when she is in her darkest phase (at the New Moon), we are meant to rest. Conserve energy. Thoughtfully plant seeds for what we’d like to see develop for us over the next 6 months.

If your energy has felt a little lower this week, that could be a sign that you’re already connected with Mother Moon. You’ve allowed yourself to dip in brightness over the past few days? That’s GOOD! Intuition is turned up, emotions are more accessible, and you’re (hopefully) feeling safe doing less. (More on the Balsamic Moon here.)

How does this help with all that nervous system activation stuff? Oh, honey, it’s sooooooo good. By doing less in the days when the Moon is losing light, we teach primal brain that we are not threatened by shifts in momentum. We’re guided by rhythms in nature rather than others’ expectations or demands. We’re okay with varying levels of productivity (and maybe — just maybe — we’re okay with productivity NOT being the measure of our worth on this planet).

Grab the goodies…

dark moon -- a sliver of light -- on a dark sky

I’ve created a little New Moon in Cancer kit for you! Just click here to grab your free PDF.

So. Now, you!

Scroll down to the comments and tell me how you’re doing with the incredibly stimulating state of the world these days. Lemmeknow what your method for staying connected to your creative fire might be.

And if you need a little pep talk, I’ve got a quick one for you at YouTube (or just below). My 3-word mantra for lowering the stakes, creating ease, and shifting the whole dang world sometimes: CHOOSE JOY NOW.

Psst! — Longtime readers know my birthday is next week (YAY!) and I tend to offer up DEALS on my coaching packages this time of year. Welp… since you’ve read all the way down to this point, how’s about you get VIP Coaching access right now? Yep. Just click here and it’s all yours!

💖 Yippee! I’m so excited to jam with you!

Love from your #VenusRuledMoonBaby,

Bonnie Gillespie is simultaneously all characters in The Wizard of Oz (esp. the yellow-brick road). Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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