Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday, master manifestors!

This month, we’re exploring Mars… the planet that rules how we fight, how we fuck, how we initiate, how we charge forward with our most ambitious goals, and generally how we GSD (get shit done)!

We’re gonna look at what house Mars was in when you were born. Here’s how to figure that out: Do your chart at a site like Astro (choose natal chart under free horoscopes) and in that cool wheel o’ YOU, look for a symbol that looks like the male symbol. Like this:

mars symbol
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As usual, I offer up my chart as an example. Take a look at the numbers closest in on the wheel, running counter-clockwise from 1 to 12. These are the houses.

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
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Using this as a guide, you can see my Mars right up there in the 10th house (near my Mercury and my Sun) when I was born.

Once you’ve found the house Mars was in when *you* were born, use this guide to help you discern what this means about the way you GSD in your life (it’s also how you feel stress, if you recall my livestream on the subject).

Born with Mars in the 1st house? Sir! Yes, sir! You enthusiastically take on new projects; you’re active, assertive, maybe even aggressive about life. You’re a leader and you really hate following when you know a better way of doing what needs to be done. Independent, direct, competitive, and filled with energy, you enjoy spontaneity even if other parts of your chart indicate otherwise. For sport — if you can’t actually FIND a sport to engage in — you may just stir up some shit, you rascal!

Born with Mars in the 2nd house? Pump up the jam! Ah, you love all five senses — especially when it comes to how you look and feel and maintain performance in so many physical ways! You’re practical and deliberate about your methods, but impulsive and impractical about things like shopping. You’re independent, possessive, methodical, and you love a challenge. Let’s spar!

Born with Mars in the 3rd house? Mansplaining? It should be called Marsplaining! Ooh, you know a lot of things about a lot of things. You don’t mince words and you don’t back down. You can hold your own on everything from what makes us tick to banal trivia. You’ll pick a point of view and debate it ’til dawn. Careful getting overcommitted to that POV, though. Physically, you’re mechanically capable but not so patient with the process because your brain moves faster than your bod.

Born with Mars in the 4th house? Family matters. Ooh, you are fierce about the fam and you may have been the top dog even as a kiddo. Leadership over your fam is a part of this placement. You may have a tendency not to be as direct as you could or should be — especially with people you care about — and this could get you playing head games. Since you don’t like being pushed into something you’re not aligned to do, try not to do that to others either.

Born with Mars in the 5th house? It’s showtime! Your GSD energy goes right into playtime, funtime, showtime. If it’s not a blast, it’s not for you! You may be a bit of an adrenaline junkie — whether your adventure is extreme sports or the thrill of the chase of an unattainable lover. Your love for competition is unparalleled (but it really is love that you feel for it).

Born with Mars in the 6th house? You better work! Ooh, you are not a fan of teamwork, mainly because you find most members of the team to be way too slow at GSD compared to you. You can burn yourself out if you’re not careful because “overwork” is not in your dictionary. Look, those folks who are procrastinators or just lazy do have a little something to teach you. Try not to be so (self-)critical and use your organizational superpowers to mobilize a movement!

Born with Mars in the 7th house? Debate team. What can I say, you love a partner — mainly so you can always have someone to bounce things off of — and this is why your energy may do well channeled into legal, political, or group/couples therapy type settings. You’re passionate as all get-out and if your partner doesn’t challenge you (both physically and mentally), you’ll look to fill that cup elsewhere.

Born with Mars in the 8th house? Undercover lover. You’re incredibly passionate! You don’t trust much but that’s only because you’ve been burned. You love getting to the bottom of things; that’s a great way to use that suspicious energy on projects that involve a lot of research. Your gut is right on (RIGHT ON) because you’re so sensitive to what’s going on under the surface, but because YOU keep things buried there too, you could find yourself dealing with some mind-body health issues if you don’t learn how to get your angries out in healthy ways.

Born with Mars in the 9th house? Lust for life. Travel! Study! Research! Exploration! You love it all and you’ll make even the bedroom into an adventure series. (You always go for the gold!) You’re direct, funny, and you find it easy to communicate with others (and everyone so loves your laugh). If you’re not always involved in some sort of expedition, you could get twitchy about life and exit, stage left.

Born with Mars in the 10th house? Goal digger. Obsessed with success? Nah… you’re just ridiculously driven. Focused. Better at everything than everyone else. (No need for competition; there IS no competition when you’re in the running.) A born leader in business and in the bedroom, you actually love a good little task (as long as it makes sense). You don’t really care what others think about YOU (but what they think about how you GSD might be another story). Um, hi. I’m Bonnie Gillespie and I have natal Mars in the 10th house. Shocked? Of course not.

Born with Mars in the 11th house? Ya gotta have friends! Ooh, if there’s a party, you’re putting it all together. If there’s a friend in need, you’ve got ’em covered. If there’s a cause to champion, champion it you will. But… and this is a big but… you have to do it YOUR way. Your friendgroup is diverse and inclusive and even though you seem detached at times, it’s just because you see the world at large as one big way to keep your active brain intrigued.

Born with Mars in the 12th house? (Remember, the 12th house is all about your undoing.) Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? As is typical for the 12th house, there’s struggle here, and that means, for Mars, trouble being direct and a feeling of never being fully understood. Feeling gaslit. Having low confidence despite the fact that you actually are stellar at GSD (especially when it’s doing for OTHERS). Your fantasy life is real to you and you’re an imaginative lover once you connect with your partner on ALL levels.

Now, of course, we’re not even *talking* about what SIGN these planets were in, when you were born, which adds another layer on top of all of it. But for now, you’ve got a start and you can join us to go deeper either in the comments at the dojo as we continue to jam about our August topic of Your Relationship with Manifesting or in the Aligned Advantage membership. And of course, I’ll take your questions during this month’s Expansive Capacity Zoom!

Speaking of that Zoom… if you haven’t already done so, head over to the dojo to register for our Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind for August! Hope you’re already loving your manifestation homework and the convos we’re having in the dojo and beyond!

You’ve got this!

All my love,

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Mars in Your Chart!

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