Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday, master manifestors!

This month, we’re taking our exploration of Mars into its retrograde illusion. Yup, the planet that rules how we fight, how we fuck, how we initiate, how we charge forward with our most ambitious goals, and generally how we GSD (get shit done) is taking its tour through our lives in reverse for a couple o’ months. And since it only happens every couple o’ years, it’s actually one of the more intense retrogrades out there.

Hoo, boy!

To start off, Mars is in Aries ’til early January 2021. Now, Mars *loves* being in Aries. It’s really GOOD at being in Aries. The fire, the impulsivity, the swagger… it’s all there. So, there’s that. But when stuff goes retrograde, processes turn inward. Things don’t work the way we’re used to them working.

On the 9th of September, this retrograde illusion kicks up (and it’s on ’til November 13th) for two solid months of feeling like our mojo is missing. Feeling less OOMPH about starting things. For projects we were — just days before — super excited about, we may just stop caring. Ugh. That’s no fun, right?

There’s some particular intensity with this on September 29th thanks to a dance Mars will be doing with Saturn. Remember, Saturn is all about our destiny, our hardest lessons. So, we’ve got a stern lecture from the dad planet while our mojo is missing. Ugh.

When Mars is retrograde, we also see a bunch o’ shaking things up — and how! Goodness, hasn’t 2020 already been enough? Mars retro in Aries says, “You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!”

Take a breath.
Don’t be askeert!
For SURE remind yourself not to be overly sensitive about anything.

It’s. Not. Personal.
(Oh, but it will feel that way. A lot. Especially when Mercury goes retrograde next month. In Scorpio. Dear God, make it stop!)
(Do you need my reminder about the value of a social media detox right about now?)

Here’s your Woo-Woo Wednesday assignment: Write yourself a reminder that your dreams, your goals, your passions — they’re all worth your investment. Remind yourself that YOU are worth the investment. Because during these two months, you’ll start to doubt that. Your enoughness will *feel* lower (it’s not; it’s just Mars — I promise). Leaving yourself these lovenotes will mean so much in a few weeks! Do it. Do it now.

Commit to NOT getting into pissing matches (again, consider a social media detox). Promise yourself you’ll count to ten before engaging emotionally. Set and keep boundaries like a mo-fo. Trust yourself to take care of YOU so you’re not pissed at others when they don’t. It’s not them. It’s not you. It’s just Mars. I promise. Again, I promise.

Whether you’re feeling short-tempered or in need of an escape from EVERYTHING under this transit, allow it all and don’t judge yourself for feeling the fire of it all. Especially take your time when using knives (Mars loves accidents) and if you’re a “here’s my tribute” type person, this energy is actually a great time to get something pierced… or get a tattoo. Mars will thank you for that.

As always, comments are open in the dojo and as we continue jamming about our September focus of Your Relationship with Manifesting we’ll take this even further. For those of you in my Aligned Advantage membership, we’ll be looking into where all of this aligns with your natal Mars (which, of course, we started in on last month). As always, I’ll take your questions during this month’s Expansive Capacity Zoom!

Speaking of that Zoom… if you haven’t yet registered, please head over to the dojo to get signed up for our Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind for September! Excited to continue taking our minifestations up to maxifestation level!

Keep on manifesting, hot stuff! This is such a fun project while so much is wonky out there. 🙂 Keep tagging me! I *love* witnessing and celebrating your work!

All my love,

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  1. Raluca September 10, 2020 at 12:50 am

    Sagittarius here, haven’t been able to sleep for the past week, keep waking up at 4 am. So now I am thinking it might just be Mars. Otherwise, yes, I did feel a lack of Mojo, but things have been busy and opportunities seem to come up, except I can’t sleep:)

    1. Bonnie Gillespie September 14, 2020 at 4:11 pm

      Ooh, Raluca, yes! Mars can definitely agitate us like that. Curious if you’re still getting that 4am wake-up call or if it’s settled down in the past few days. Also, are you able to sleep at other times (like maybe getting a nap during the day in ways you normally wouldn’t be able to)?

      I went to lie down early last night and ended up sleeping 13 hours!! Gah! So, it’s wonky for me too. Planets can do wild things to us.


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