So, here’s a story I’ve never told.

A couple o’ years ago, I was helping someone launch her business of drawing “success sketches” for people. The concept was that you’d fill out this questionnaire about how you see yourself at your most successful, your most fulfilled, your most jubilant, and she’d draw that reality. She was testing out the system and I was helping. My reward for helping was a B&W sketch emailed (the eventual product she would offer after this testing period would be a full-color shipped, framed masterpiece).


I remember filling out the survey and talking about how my success is the success of my clients, of actors I’ve cast, of creatives with whom I’ve collaborated. How I prefer to be behind the scenes — probably in a greenroom — watching the awards show, cheering from the sidelines, enjoying my champagne and the experience OTHERS were having as they held up something gold and shiny.


I described what I usually wear. (And she got everything right but the shoes — I mean, um, I’m almost NEVER in shoes, but when I am, they’re strappy sandals.) From my hairstyle to my jewelry to the shape of my hands and how much I use them, I gave her details about my appearance and the WHY behind it. (No earrings since the 1980s due to a slice-through trying to happen between two piercings in one of my lobes, for example.)


I sent her a couple o’ photos of me “in bliss” so she could see me FEELING successful, because I knew the sketch needed to be more about the feeling than the pose, no matter what. I sent everything off with love and trust and gratitude.


And when Maria Gil Ulldemolins sent back this sketch, I was floored.


Click to enbiggen.

That’s it. That’s me. I’m backstage during your late night talkshow appearance. I’m in the greenroom during the Oscars (never in the audience, because that dresscode is WAY too fancy for this jeans-wearing good ol’ gal).


I’m in the wings hopping up and down and cheering — always with tears in my eyes — for what you’ve been able to achieve.


Case in point: This year has been FILLED with #SMFAninjas hitting tiers we always knew y’all would. NONE of this is shocking. ALL of this is thrilling!


As I see my success sketch realized, I wanted to share a bit of public gratitude for this brilliant intuitive artist with whom I’ve lost touch since this encounter in 2013. But without question, she nailed it.


This is me, living my bliss. Because YOU are living yours, dear creatives. Thank you for having me along the path with you for a bit of the journey!


As you soar, I celebrate! I celebrate EVERY ONE OF YOU — including those who are in the “on deck” circle for this experience that is yet to come, but clearly GONNA come.


Thank you for proving it is, in fact, possible. I treasure this time we’ve shared!

Forever grateful,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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