Hooray! It’s time for the 3rd of 7 guides on getting past what might be blocking you in life. This is your GREEN Chart Harmony list.

(If you missed the intro, it’s here. My most recent Chart Harmony webinar replay is here. Click through for parts 1 of 7 and 2 of 7 too.)

Outside-in: When you say the words IT’S SAFE TO RECEIVE, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, concerned about being greedy, or worried about what you’ve done to deserve abundance, this is your remedy!

If you’re working inside-out, you’re doing this remedy for your Venus chart ruler (Taurus or Libra Rising), your profected year ruler, the benefic you feel least connected with. This is also the remedy for you if your Venus is in less-advantaged dignity (Aries, Virgo, or Scorpio) or if Venus is in hard aspect with a malefic in a particularly challenging house.

(If you’re only woo-curious at this point, you’re going with the outside-in version rather than concerning yourself about your natal Venus’ situation.)

Super quick — if you’d like to join me for my Chart Harmony work-along called Where’s My Money?!? hit this link to enroll! This live workshop is going to be so much fun! We’ll explore exactly where the money is in YOUR chart and we’ll create Chart Harmony remedies to bring everything into balance. Yay!


When creating Chart Harmony with Venus, we’re becoming magnetic for all the prosperity that is ours. We’re living a balanced life (NOT the one endorsed by the cis-het straight white able-bodied male hustle culture out there). We’re ALLOWING.

~ wear pink or green or light blue
~ anoint yourself with almond oil
~ eat berries and fine chocolate
~ drink wine, rosewater, or red clover tea
~ do gentle stretching or slow dancing
~ engage with rose quartz or malachite
~ take a bubble bath, go on a date, or count your money while anointing it with prosperity spell oil
~ buy fresh flowers for yourself
~ don’t be afraid to create #WitchyShit that helps you feel more magnetic for your riches!

As always, these options are offered to get you to start considering things that you already do… now with more intention specifically to help you see their connection with Venus and how it’s absolutely safe to receive!

Venus says IT’S SAFE TO RECEIVE. In fact, Venus says it’s your birthright and there’s nothing about earning it or deserving it. You are enough because you ARE. And you can call in everything that is yours just by staying out of the way.

While connecting with Venus, we want to honor our excellent taste. We want to treasure our beauty. We want to exchange value for value (like spending money on nice flowers for yourself) in ways that reinforce the message Venus has for us: You are to be treasured.

While doing anything from the above list, say (ideally out loud): “It’s safe to receive.” Practice — when anyone gives you anything, ever — saying THANK YOU without doing any of that cultural nonsense of, “Oh, you shouldn’t have,” or, “No… I couldn’t accept this.” If you can buddy up with someone who is also doing this Chart Harmony work, practice this together!

Getting good at receiving is what turns us into magnets for everything we want in life!

Come practice this over at our Chart Harmony Discord or just below in the comments.

VENUS - RITUALS - Chart Harmony Remedies at a Glance

’til installment 4 of 7, I’m sending you all my love (hope you’re receiving it fully). XO

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