Yay! Here we go with the 4th of 7 guides on getting past what might be blocking you in life. This is your BLUE Chart Harmony list.

(To check out the intro, head over here. My most recent Chart Harmony webinar replay is here. Click through for parts 1 of 7, 2 of 7, and 3 of 7 too.)

Outside-in: Say the words HOME IS SAFE BUT NOWHERE ELSE IS. Now, this one is different from our previous three statements. This time, instead of testing for feelings of unpleasant activation, we’re checking for a big YES. If your nervous system hears these words and breathes easier, this is the remedy for you!

Now, if you’re working inside-out, you’re doing this remedy for your Moon chart ruler (Cancer Rising), your profected year ruler, the luminary you feel least connected with. This is also the remedy for you if your Moon is in less-advantaged dignity (Scorpio or Capricorn) or if your Moon is in hard aspect with a malefic in a particularly challenging house.

(Remember, if you’re only woo-curious at this point, you’re going with the outside-in version rather than concerning yourself about your natal Moon’s condition.)


When creating Chart Harmony with the Moon, we’re seeking a sense of safety that travels with us. The Moon rules Cancer, and if you can visualize how that crab carries its house with it, wherever it goes, that’s the vibe we’re bringing into balance with this remedy. That no outside situation ever feels threatening, because we know, at our core, we are enough.

~ wear silver or white
~ use lavender essential oil
~ eat comfort foods, creamy things, cucumber
~ drink chamomile tea, nut milk, or an Irish cream
~ go to therapy, get a massage, go for a swim
~ engage with moonstone, snow quartz, or selenite
~ soak in the tub, read a book, take a nap
~ journal, set intentions, do inner child work
~ if at all possible, try not to people!

Again these options are offered to help you begin to see the things that you already do through the lens of a particular planet (or in this case, luminary). When you’re able to integrate these simple remedies into your everyday life, you’re effortlessly beginning to call in the support of under-utilized participants in your natal chart.

While the Moon wants you to feel SAFE at all times, it can overdo things, causing us to be fearful of peopling, giving us anxiety about things we cannot control, creating a spin-out of worry that isn’t at all helpful in the overarching goal of keeping us feeling safe!

When we connect more authentically and consistently with the Moon, we stop fearing her constantly-shifting energies. Since the Moon changes signs every couple of days as she goes through eight phases each month, there’s just a LOT of feeling-all-the-things happening. Especially with certain configurations in our birth charts, we can find all of that FEELING to be pretty dang disconcerting.

Practice noticing the changes in the Moon each month (I did a whole series of what to do under each sign of the moon for you over here) and — without judgment — just experience the shifts in flavor, tone, energy level, vibe, etc. Even putting a little note in your calendar (or mine, where I’ve mapped out the Moons for you) about the feelings you’re experiencing can be massively helpful for this remedy!

While doing anything from the above list, say (ideally out loud): “I am safe in my own body. I am enough. All is well.” Come practice this over at our Chart Harmony Discord or just below in the comments.

MOON- ACTIVITIES - Chart Harmony Remedies at a Glance

’til it’s time for us to get into 5 of 7, I’m heaping lots of love onto your plate like your favorite comfort food. Eat it up! Come back for seconds. 😉 Lemmeknow how it’s all going for you.


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