Here we GO! The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is upon us!

Chart Harmony with the Lunar Eclipse

Here we finally are… at THE astrological moment astrologers have been keeping an eye on for decades. This is an especially big moment if you have planets or placements at or near 16ΒΊ of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). And if it’s your Rising that occupies one of those spots, you can expect PHYSICAL transformation energy. There’s no goin’ back, y’all!

Usually for a Full Moon (when the Sun and the Moon oppose one another exactly, which is the case today, with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus), we do a releasing ritual. We sit in gratitude for the lessons learned. We release anything we’re attached to, especially around the seeds we planted 6 months earlier under the Taurus New Moon.


Under a Lunar Eclipse (the kind of eclipse that happens under a Full Moon), we don’t do a releasing ritual. We definitely don’t charge our crystals! Just like, under a Solar Eclipse (the kind of eclipse that happens under a New Moon), we don’t plant seeds or set intentions. Too much energy. Too much intensity. Too much volatility.

Personally, I put myself in bubblewrap from before the first eclipse ’til after the second one (they travel in pairs, and this happens twice a year). So, this time out, I stopped peopling after my Aligned Advantage membership Zoom and a 1-on-1 Guided Chart Harmony session on Friday, October 21st and I’ll pop back up more publicly after Sunday, November 13th. (Well… after Monday the 14th… since I always chill on Moon’s Day.)

It’s a time for deep rest. Try not to people. If you’re able to sleep longer than you normally do, take advantage of that. Your body will thank you. You are now catching up on a cellular level with the deep shifts that have been happening during eclipse season. Journal. Bathe. Nap. All of this will feel so very right, right now. If you must do some peopling, expect the unexpected. There’s a lot of intense energy afoot right now and some folks do NOT handle it all that well.

Also take a look at the HOUSES the eclipses will hit (for this particular pair, that’s wherever you have Scorpio and Taurus in your chart). Notice the shifts that are happening in those areas in particular. Embrace the shifts that the eclipse shakeups have already made here. Again, appreciate how different our lives can be in a WHOOSH of energy. β™πŸ¦‚β˜€οΈ β™‰πŸ‚πŸŒ™

Not sure about which houses involve Taurus and Scorpio in your birth chart? Grab my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! I’ve gotchuu! And if you’d like to join our free community for having these discussions on the daily, our Discord is here. Yay!

One last thing: During eclipses, we can find ourselves all stirred up and manic, rather than super sleepy. That’s totally fine! Just remember that the energy is EXTRA and that could mean extremes show up in response to what feels like an everyday reaction you have to something or someone. I have a long-time client who books out from Ev.Er.Y.thing in the weeks of the eclipses, every year. Their time off from the world is all saved up for those weeks, and it’s kind of brilliant. They go on retreats, go within, or simply do nothing. This is such smart Chart Harmony in action!

As always, all my love is headed your way for this intense woo and during all less-activating times as well.

You’ve got this!

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  1. Alex November 9, 2022 at 3:57 am

    So I am a Leo sun and pieces moon with an Aquarius rising sign. I was actually born on a full moon. So does that affect my chart?

    1. Bonnie Gillespie November 13, 2022 at 2:19 pm

      Hmm… with Pisces Moon, you were likely born after the Full Moon in Aquarius that happened just before your birth. The Moon moves fast! That should still make you a Full Moon vibe, by birth, but without the direct opposition of the Sun and the Moon, since the Moon had already moved into another sign by the time you were born. (So, less tension.)

      I’ve done a deep dive on natal Moon phases in our Aligned Advantage membership but I’m trying to think where to point you for some support with this ’til I get my natal lunar phases offer up and out in the world. πŸ˜‰ (Coming soon! I’m in the creative cave building lots of things right now.)

      Tara Aal has a new book out called Astrology by Moonlight. I’ve seen her interviewed a few times about this book and it sounds great (I haven’t picked it up yet). Tara has also done a spectacular bit of writing over here at the Llewellyn website. Best oils and crystals and such for each phase of the Moon.

      Here’s a natal Moon phase calculator from the AstroTwins. This is probably my favorite convo about the Moon (it goes way deep) and it’s Israel Ajose as a guest on The Astrology Podcast. Super long, in-depth convo. So worth the watch!

      Enjoy! And of course, lemmeknow if you have more questions. πŸ˜‰


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