It’s time now for the 5th of 7 guides on healing what might be blocking you in life. This is your ORANGE Chart Harmony list.

(For the rest of this series, click through. Here’s the intro. My most recent Chart Harmony webinar replay is here. And here are parts 1 of 7, 2 of 7, 3 of 7, and 4 of 7.)

Outside-in: Say the words TO BURN BRIGHT IS TO DESTROY SOMETHING WE LOVE. Like last week, with this statement, we’re looking for a full-body YES about it, when you hear yourself say it out loud. If this feels TRUE for you (but you’d prefer that it NOT hold you back from your own success), this is your remedy!

If you’re working inside-out, this remedy is designed to support or tame your Mars chart ruler (Aries or Scorpio Rising), your profected year ruler, the malefic you feel least connected with. This is also the remedy for you if your natal Mars is in less-advantaged dignity (Taurus, Cancer, or Libra) or if your Mars is in hard aspect to the Sun or Saturn in a particularly challenging house.

(As always, if you’re only woo-curious at this point, you’re going with the outside-in version rather than concerning yourself about your natal Mars’ condition.)


When creating Chart Harmony with Mars, we’re either making that fire feel respected for its destructive power *or* helping support it so it can be more powerful than our natal chart allows it to feel. Mars wants to cut a bitch. Mars wants to attack. Mars is decisive and direct and unapologetic. Mars loves to sweat.

I’ll share here that Mars is debilitated in my natal chart. It’s SUCH a big player in the more problematic parts of my life that I do planetary remediation for Mars daily. Yep. DAILY. And it absolutely makes a difference. Sometimes making sure the planet feels seen and respected is all it takes to get it to stop coming for you in cruel ways.

The main reason I know Chart Harmony works is not because of all the people who’ve told me this stuff has changed their life; it’s because this exact remedy has saved mine.

Here’s some of what to do:

~ wear red
~ use patchouli essential oil
~ eat spicy foods, garlicky things, a rare steak
~ drink nettle tea, ginger beer, bacon Bloody Mary, a Fireball shot
~ compete at something, go to the gym, spar, do cardio, hit the pole, break a sweat
~ engage with bloodstone, red agate, red jasper, ruby, garnet
~ have sex, dance ’til you’re ready to drop, yell at the top of your lungs
~ stay up late, do a fire ritual, get tattooed or pierced
~ get acupuncture
~ buy a cactus and make it your pet

These options are offered to reveal to you the things that you already do that are already aligned with a particular planet. When you invite the planet’s energy and wisdom into your everyday life, you’re effortlessly beginning to call in the support of under-utilized participants in your natal chart. Or, like in the case of my natal Mars, you’re helping it know what appropriate expression is (vs. the way Mars likes to show up if we don’t respect it enough — accidents, emergency surgery, fun stuff like that).

When we let Mars show up in ways it thrives, we stop blowing up at people on social media. We stop experiencing road rage. We get less reactive and all-or-nothing in our weaponizing of words or grudges or the keeping of receipts. When we let Mars show up passionate and fired up about movement and sex and projects we’re excited to work on, it creates motivation momentum that’s downright attractive in all the abundance-magnet ways. Balancing our Mars with Venus is a secret weapon for so much ease in prosperity! But that’s a bit of layering that goes beyond this particular series (check out working with me on your own Chart Harmony journey here).

While doing anything from the above list, say (ideally out loud): “I not only have permission to shine bright, it’s my birthright! I deserve to win. It is safe to be the best. From my winning stance, I can bring more people along with me to the top!” Come practice this over at our Chart Harmony Discord or just below in the comments, if you’d like.

And here’s your cute little activities card — specifically for Mars-related workouts — to help you stay on target (especially on Tuesdays).

MARS - WORKOUTS - Chart Harmony Remedies at a Glance

Until installment 6 of 7, I’m sending you loads of fire and passion for all the things that light you up! Shine bright, babe.

Keep me posted on how all of this is feeling for you. You’ve got this!

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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