Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday!

This month, we’re turning our attention to the teeny numbers in the bottom right corner of each day on your Aligned Hustle Calendar. That’s the energy of the day, using numerology.

Your quick-reference list:

1 = new beginnings, assertive energy, planting seeds, setting the tone for the next 9 days

2 = receptive energy, “abort or knit booties” for the seeds planted yesterday, emotional, doubting

3 = manifestation based on how well those seeds were nurtured; creative celebration, social

4 = hard work, focus, drive, rolling up the sleeves and making shit happen

5 = rebellion, play, reckless and free; a day of adventure and a hunger for freedom

6 = a domestic day focused on house and home, family, your health, making needed repairs

7 = going inward, turning spiritual, isolating to connect more deeply, building courage

8 = the butterfly emerges, a power day (yours or power used against you), a day of being seen

9 = time to end what needn’t come into the next cycle; declutter, end relationships, clarify, reset

Okay, so at the top of the calendar, we already have the numerology of the MONTH and the YEAR. These are general vibes we’re all feeling. So, 2021 is a 5 year. That’s a light, playful, somewhat reckless and rebellious, but very fertile year. 2020, of course, was a 4 year. The year of hard work. Surprising no one.

And January specifically is a 6 energy. That means, as 5-year vibes go, we’re having a more domestically-focused, more repair-centered, “get your house in order” vibe for this first month of the year.

Now, within that, we’ve got the numerology of the individual days. Today — this Woo-Woo Wednesday — is a 3 day. Three, of course, means manifestation, creativity, the results of the seeds we planted Monday and nurtured (or dug up) Tuesday.

Of course, we aren’t always storming through projects, start to finish, in 9 days! So today’s ninja move is all about using the power of the individual days to pick back UP projects you want to finish. To tackle types of work you find more stressful than other activities.

For example, if I know I need to put in more time on my show bible, I can circle all the 4 days on this month’s calendar (I can also highlight all the Virgo moons, maybe a Capricorn moon or two, and if getting started is my struggle I’d use those Aries moons as well). Of course, you have audio files detailing alllllll of this on your Expansive Capacity welcome page. 😉

But back to the numerology of it all, I’d love to see you use your calendar a little more proactively this month. Take a moment to schedule some decluttering and loose-ends-tying-up on 9 days. Plan some next-level self-care on those 2 and 7 days (especially if it’s a Pisces or Cancer moon). Get a fixer-upper of a project (do some EDITING!!!) on those 6 days (for SURE when it’s a Virgo or even a Gemini moon).

What else might you tackle, based on the numerology of the day? Bonus points for involving the sign the moon is in, its phase, and of course any other big astro (although most of THAT is stuff we get into in our Aligned Advantage membership, of course; and if you’ve not yet done my amazingly straightforward free astrology/numerology training, start that process here.)

I’m excited to see how you can take the already awesomely reflective work you’re doing using the calendar and start getting predictive. Get to scheduling in alignment with the energy of the days. Let me know how it’s going in the dojo (and be sure to sign up for this month’s Zoom deep-dive on our topic Your Relationship with Shoulds).

So much love flowing your way,

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