Reflections on the Golden Globes

Ah, the joys of TiVo and watching, commercial-free, in the wee hours! THAT’s the solution to stupid tape-delayed broadcasts! Woo hoo!
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1. Claire Danes, EAT SOMETHING. Jesus!
2. Gooo, Greer Shephard! Way to rock that hot dress, Nip/Tuck EP-momma!
3. No three. Not now, not ever.
4. Gorgeous dress, Teri Hatcher. I think you may have put your bizarre days as Radio Shack whack job behind you. Ah yes, you won. Surely, that means you’re forgiven.
5. Very cool to see awards take place on TV in a space we’ve been many times (for the CSA Artios Awards). Speaking of which, the casting unionization effort folks asked us to tell anyone we knew who was going to the awards to please mention their solidarity for the casting director unionization effort on the red carpet or at the acceptance mic. Didn’t notice any of that. Oh… wait! There’s a “thank you” to Phyllis Huffman by Hilary Swank. That was nice. (Hey, even a thank you is big news, to casting directors.)
6. Jamie Foxx, if I didn’t love you before (which I did), I sure as hell love you now. ’nuff said.
7. Nice job by Star Jones-marriedname on E! this time. Much better than her Emmy gig. (Oh, and was E! doing the hardcore promotion on The Entertainer or what?!? Woo hoo!) Kathy Griffin? Seriously. You HAVE to go away. And Eva? You may be America’s Next Top Model, but you need a good on-camera class before anyone hands you a mic again. Ever.
8. In what hotel do these stars stay, when they speak of having come from the hotel? I know they get in limos to be dropped off at the Beverly Hills Hilton… aren’t they just staying there? Ah. Who knows? Oh, and Kathryn Eastwood… wow. BAD dress for you.
9. Jason Bateman won the “best spouse” award with his shout-out to his wife and how she makes his life better than anything showbiz could ever provide. (Think she coulda cracked a smile of appreciation, maybe?) Mariska Hargitay won the “make Bon bawl” award with the outpouring of love to her dad, who came with.
10. What is Peter Bart doing sitting with Oliver Platt? Weird.
Other quick hits: Oh, and I now love Eva Longoria and Emmy Rossum!
Eva is FUN! And, since I’ve never watched her show, I’m guessing I’m late getting on that bus.
As for Emmy, she’s just classy and lovely and wonderful!
Go Shatner!
Are Kimmel and Silverman at prom or what? Precious!
My crush on Javier Bardem has not lessened. *sigh*
Congrats to the amazing Alysia Reiner and her friends in Sideways. Fun seeing her photo in WireImage!
Oh, and am I the only one bothered by Patricia Arquette’s teeth?
Non-Golden Globes Stuff
I’m still really feeling withdrawal symptoms. Ugh. Sleeping a lot more than usual. Feeling awful about agreeing to go to shows and showcases and staged readings and then having to back out due to feeling so cruddy. I know, I know, I’m supposed to listen to my body and take care of myself while I’m transitioning out of stuff, but I just hate disappointing people. I think I need to work on that. Why does it matter, in the end?
Augh. I know. It doesn’t. I just make it matter. Silly.
I got some gluten somewhere in the past couple of days. WAY sick over that. It’s amazing how quickly that illness comes on, once you’ve gotten something out of your system and then have it. Ick. Yuck. Don’t love it.
Eh. Whatareyagonnado? Just keep doin’ what works, baby. That’s all I can live right now.

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  1. Aimercat January 17, 2005 at 9:42 pm

    You can still get on the Desperate Housewives boat. Just start watching and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Plus they almost always do that “previously on DH…”

  2. Jeannini-Nini January 21, 2005 at 1:03 pm

    See now I *knew* I could count on you for some good Golden Globes bloggin’! :o) I’m still exhausted from *our* GGA show. Our first live event with J&M. – What a WEEK it was, and still IS! The post-show needs are almost worse than the pre-show production!
    I am seeing The Entertainer all over the place, and I think of YOU every time. Woo-hoo! YOU’RE the reason I’m gonna watch it!
    Eva Longoria is always SOOOO nice to us. At every single event, she is incredible – as is Teri Hatcher!