Hello Virgo season! 🙂 This is a 4 year (hard work) and it’s a 4 month (hard work) and guess what Virgo loves? Working hard according to a checklist that is perfectly optimized so that the hard work is work that heals the world! 🙂

Now, of course, if you’ve got a chart that pushes against all of that Earthy goodness (which you know, if you’re in Aligned Advantage with me), you’re not crazy about September. Of course, we can always lean into the days that are most favored to help us maximize our starting point!

In big astro, we’ve got a few interesting shifts in the sky this month. The 1st is intense not just because of our Pisces full moon (release unfulfilled dreams, y’all) but due to Mercury trining Pluto. On the 2nd, the Sun trines Uranus and this brings positive changes our way.

On the 4th, stress will ramp up thanks to Venus squaring Mars (you know we always pay attention to those inner planets, since they impact us the most, as individuals), and on the 5th, Mercury moves into Libra which creates way more diplomatic communication than we’ve been having this summer. Hooray!

When Venus moves into Leo on the 6th, our gestures of love and values get more lavish and grand. Mars goes retrograde on the 9th and this means our already fiery and impulsive energy is now turning inward (thanks, Aries). Please, be kind to yourself. Use this energy to kickstart a self-improvement commitment. (September Whole30 anyone?)

Our last quarter moon is the 10th, which is a great time to amp up the self-care while doing some decluttering. Hey, that’s great news! Manifestations *love* self-care and decluttering!

Continuing big astro goodness, we’ve got Sun opposing Neptune on the 11th which is even more reason to double down on the self-care. Jupiter goes direct on the 12th which is fabulous news for our prosperity, wealth, and abundance!

When Venus squares Uranus on the 15th, expect financial surprises (hooray!) and when the new moon hits on the 17th, it’s time to plant seeds that you and the universe will nurture for the next six months. This is a spectacular day to start a new habit! On Sunday the 20th, watch your words! Mercury is squaring Pluto and this is some intense energy, y’all.

Say goodbye to Virgo season and hello to lovely Libra on the 22nd. This will bring more Air into the mix, so expect more convos, more balance, and more focus on what is beautiful in our potential rather than on a list of what’s not working. On the 23rd, we’re in the first quarter moon, so this is a great time to delegate and review work we’ve previously created for any revisions we’d like to make.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 27th and this is a great time to get to the bottom of things (we could also start to feel a bit more paranoid about stuff if we’re out of balance though).

The final big astro moves for the month are on the 29th and the first one is Saturn finally going direct, bringing with it more patience for the challenges we’re facing as a generation. The other big astro move is Mars squaring Saturn… and that’s some frustrating AF energy, y’all. Lean into the balance and beauty-focus that Libra loves to shine a light on and always remember to appreciate what we WANT to see grow.

Now, a second lap through the calendar for your best GSD (get shit done) days, based on the sign the moon is in and the numerology of the day! The 1st is good (and fun), the 4th is fantastic, I love the 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th too! The 13th is a glorious day, as is the 15th, 17th, and 18th.

Get frisky on the 19th! Plan something really fabulous for the 22nd. And watch out 24th! This is a really lovely GSD day. The 26th is nice, as is the 27th. And while we end the month on the 30th with a moon that likes to GSD, the numerology of that day is pretty inward-focused, so it’s not got big GSD energy overall (but it still could be a very good day).

Heck, they ALL could! 😉 Remember, if you’d like to go way deeper on this stuff with me, that’s what the goodies over here are all about. I am over the moon excited (no pun intended) about how much alignment is coming into my life, the more I share my mother’s astrological gifts with y’all. Thank you for spreading the word!

All my woo-woo love,

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